What did you cook or eat today (July 2024)

I made my delicious green bean casserole with some marinaded chicken I smoked. With some bread to go with my garlic I roasted.
Perhaps you're just stressed?
Yes, that is a better way of expressing it. When something, like the vacuum robot, preoccupies me( it just would not recognize the device on my cell phone and the mobile hotspot, we used to have it on wifi), other things slip my attention. If they are not classified as very important in my mind...

But tech idiot, well, I do know far too little to find my way around a problem, and it frustrates me, but I've learned to not hold the frustration long...

Thank you for your kindness...😊🥰
Out meeting a colleague, some errands...
Not missing the chance to eat a lovely gluten free almond and orange cocoa cake...

Cooking vegetable stew for lunch, will report later.

It is dangerously hot with 36,37c today. Even though I wore a hat,
I felt like my brain is starting to boil, so for the tram waiting of some 7 minutes all of us passengers moved to a building shade...it made it better...


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