What did you cook or eat today (March 2023)?


15 Jun 2017
Local time
11:53 PM
Bathurst, Australia
MOD EDIT: Tell us what you cooked or ate today. We love to see photos but its not a requirement.

And I had the exact same avo toast, tomato & boiled egg for brekky as I had yesterday and for lunch the exact same leftover meatloaf, pumpkin mash, carrots & green beans.

Last nights dinner was lamb loin chops, Brazilian cheese puffs & rocket salad.

Tonight I have a large piece of scotch fillet steak.

Not sure what the sides will be.
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Oddly enough, more of the cauliflower rice tabbouleh, with roasted mock duck and a couple of really baby courgettes that refused to grow up.

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Same again but without the baby courgettes. I included some watermelon for "dessert".

I won't subject you to another photo of it.

Edit: given it's the start of a new month and therefore a new thread, I've decided to subject you to another photo after all! But rather like the dish, I'll recycle an older photo! :laugh:

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One thing I know about chain restaurants is they can be very inconsistent from location to location. I know that you know good food, so you must have found a good location.

My local char siu noodle shop is inconsistent depending upon who is the incumbent chef on the day. Whatever, I've not had a bad one yet.
Food snobs!
That's kind of funny, I sometimes resemble that remark. But that goes for what I cook and eat myself. I might joke around with people about what they eat that I find icky but if it makes them happy...go for it!
My regularly featured chicken satay dish
We're in the midst of yet another storm, but HAD to take my Mother to the Hair Dresser.
Today is the first day that DH is allowed to drive the car after is heart issues, so he felt that it would okay to go pick her up and take over to her appointment.
But once we got her there it really started to snow heavily, visibility was very poor, so lunch out was tabled.
Instead, we high tailed it home and I pulled together a nice meal


For DH, grilled Ham & Swiss on Rye with sliced Hot Cherry Peppers


... and Kraft American Cheese on 21 grain bread with Butter for moi.
French Fries/Chips were an added bonus and quite good, hit the spot!
Gnocchi. The shelf stable stuff.


I panfried mushrooms with garlic and threw some of the gnocchi in there.

I threw the rest into rapidly boiling salted water with broccoli & zucchini.

After three minutes I drained most of the water off, deglazed the shrooms with white wine. Added the boiled stuff, 2tbls of pesto, gave it a stir, added a 1/4 cup of the water from the veg/gnocchi & threw in halved cherry toms, Warrigal & Parmesan.

Stir & serve with more Parmesan.
I asked my wife to buy some pork fat from the afternoon market to render down to provide cooking fat. She bought a couple of pieces of pork belly and the stall holder asked what she was going to do with it. My wife told her that we were going to render it down. She replied, "I have loads of pork fat, here you can have this for free".

So today, I cooked half of the pork belly (froze the other half) and I'll render down the fat tomorrow. I cooked these pieces in the halogen oven on slices of onion and garlic (140°C) and seasoned with fennel (the meat) and sea salt (the rind). It was very tasty with a few air fried chips and some grass. The crackling was very good.

Im drooling over all the crispy pork fat bits you’ll have after rendering.

There is a very popular fairly new Thai place in Sydney called Pork Fat. I’ll be going asap.

Moo grob is very popular in these parts although the Thais usually deep fry it whereas I roasted it.
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