What is the Report button for?

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    The Report button is simply a method of alerting the moderators (staff members) to anything. Good or bad, literally anything. Do not be afraid to use it. Too many people are and we can't help you if you don't bring a problem/issue/something good or bad to our attention.

    It can be used for any of the following (and more)
    • It can be used to request a title change
    • It can be used to request that a spelling mistake is rectified (in someone else's post or your's if you are not happy editing a post/title),
    • to suggest that something should be moved to a better suited forum,
    • to suggest that a new thread should be started with a whole load of off-topic replies that are interesting
    • to report a thread that has nothing to do with its title
    • to report a thread that has gone completely off-topic
    • to report something you think should be brought to our attention such as spam or bad language or personal insults and/or threats, use of non-English language (outside of culinary terms)
    • to report a breach of the T&Cs of the site
    • to request that 2 tags gets amalgamated into one and then linked together.
    • to suggest a thread is featured
    • etc

    It is basically a contact us button with a link to the post in a thread where you pressed 'Report'.

    So where is it and how do you use it?

    The report button can be found all over the place. It is linked to wherever it is that you see with that report button and will provide us with a direct link to where the 'problem' lays. So if you use the report button at the bottom of a specific post, we will get a report regarding that specific post.

    You can find it at the bottom of this post, highlighted as shown below.


    If you click on it - go on, do it now, you will get the Report box.


    Fill out the reason for the report (good or bad) and click on Report Post and we will get an alert letting us know. I'll show you what I mean.


    We get this which when I open it will give me this thread.


    As you can see, this is a report suggesting something good...
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    So where else can I find the Report button?

    Well the Report button crops up in loads of places. Here are just a few.

    On the Profile page of any member (except members of staff for obvious reasons (such as you don't really want a staff member reading a report that you have made about them - PM me @SatNavSaysStraightOn directly if there is a problem with a staff member))
    There could be other Report button entries on this page, but @Lullabelle has never made or received any comments of their Profile, so I will have to take you to another member's profile page to see some of the other options.


    You can see the report button in several places on the Albums media page as well.


    These report buttons relate directly to the Album and Album reviews, not the media contained within the album.

    It is also possible to see the report button on individual images and their ratings.

    All of these can (and more) can be used for reporting positive things as well as negative things. For instance in one of the comments on the album above, there is no rating for some reason. It should not be possible to comment on an album or media image without leaving a rating.

    You may also see that someone has posted the same thing twice (which happens from time to time with hiccups in the system) or you are a new member here and don't yet have editing or deletion rights and need to edit your own post. It is also possible that some spam (yeh - not that type of spam, this can be a lot less savoury!) has made it past our filtering software and onto the forum. All of these are valid reasons to use the report button. After all we prefer the site to be tidy and no-one wants to see spam on the forum. Anyone remember the fun we had with fitted wooden kitchens?
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    What happens next?

    Well if it is something that needed modifying/editing/deleting, then once a member of staff is online, it will be dealt with. Typically in this case, you won't hear anything more regarding it, though sometimes we will drop you a PM giving an explanation or thanking you (this is entirely up to the person dealing with the matter in hand). If there are duplicate posts for instance, well the duplicate will just disappear. The same applies to spam if it has somehow gotten through the filtering software. If there is a spelling mistake, it will just be corrected. Etc.

    If it is something more serious, it may need to be escalated to myself if the staff member is not able to deal with it themselves. So there may be a time delay in anything happening - remember I am literally on the other side of the world to most other members!

    We may chose to close a thread for a while, whilst we look into a matter, or we may hide the thread completely until we have investigated matters further. You will know when action has been taken because the thread may return or an explanation get posted. Often a moderator will add a little note starting with "Mod Edit: ......". I'm pretty certain most of you will have seen that by now.

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