What kind of beverages can diabetics drink?

Discussion in 'Free From and Specialist Diets' started by True2marie, 31 Dec 2013.

  1. tipoywizard

    tipoywizard Member

    A diabetic person needs zero or low calorie drinks. Try tomato juice but pick low sodium varieties. You can also drink coffee or tea as long as they have low sugar added. You can use stevia as sugar alternative for these drinks. But the best drink for diabetic person - Water.
  2. Cupcakemommy

    Cupcakemommy New Member

    My mom has been an insulin dependent diabetic for 12 years now and the only drink she drinks is WATER. Its safer to always read the nutritional value of your drink. You also have to check with fresh fruit juices. Like mangoes are naturally high in fructose which is another form of sugar. Too much can also lead to High Blood Sugar. As for diet sodas which contains ASPARTAME, which is found in almost all artificial sweetener is said to cause a lot of other health issues. Read the label and always look it up in reliable medical sites or books.
  3. sixxup

    sixxup Member

    There is Coca-Cola's sugar-free Coke if he likes to take cola drinks. Otherwise he should be using sugar-free sweeteners in his beverages. I can sometimes take hot ginger drinks without sugar. I do enjoy enjoy it like that.
  4. Theboysmom04

    Theboysmom04 New Member

    Stevia (the one from my garden not the box), has become my best friend. Water is what should be consumed the most but it doesn't really quench my thirst. I can't use nutrasweet I'm allergic plus it's not so good for you anyway. A lot of people drink those Crystal light packets or drink diet sodas.
  5. Chef00

    Chef00 Regular Member

    Atlanta Georgia
    you can drink diet sodas but limit them because of the sweetener. Also what is great is infused waters. I use essential oils and cinnamon (2 drops in 16 ounces) every day will help to lower the A1C. also lemon essential oil is GREAT in water (2 drops per 16 ounces) it is not only refreshing but helps if you have gout.
  6. foodlover

    foodlover Member

    birmingham, UK
    i am a type 1 diabetic which is very different from type 2, but, there are plenty of sugar free juices that have come around in the last few years, then anything thats diet, diet coke, fanta zero,7up free, coke zero, sprite zero, diet lemonade, theres also a diet dr pepper now aswell, then most cordials do a sugar free range now, ive had type 1 diabetes for 13 years and have never come across a cordial brand that i like that doesnt do sugar free.
    just be wary of things that say 'no added sugar' rather than 'sugar free' as some no added sugar products can still have high amounts of natural sugars.
    now when it comes to alcohol i cannot really help you, as a type 1 diabetic i can just inject for whatever sugar/carbs i have, so dont know where a type 2 diabetic would stand.
  7. kgord

    kgord Regular Member

    Virginia, USA
    Water or iced tea infused with cinnamon sounds like a great idea, and the cinnamon will help keep the blood sugar steady. It would also act as a flavor enhancer. I think any sugar free beverage is probably good.
  8. winterybella

    winterybella Veteran

    This is an old thread here but I am going to say water. I have my concerns about being diabetic and recently I have been trying to drink more water. I no longer trust all the so call sugar free drinks out there but I must confess drinking only water can be a stretch for me sometimes. Both my mom and mother in law are diabetic but they both still like to drink sweet drinks one more than the other.
  9. Karalyne

    Karalyne Member

    I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 7 years ago. For years I thought it was fine for me to drink all the diet soda I wanted. Wrong!!! This is actually one of the worst things a diabetic can do because the artificial sweeteners used in most diet sodas actually make you crave diet soda more. This leads to drinking a lot more than you would normally drink of regular pop which totally defeats the purpose entirely. Now, I drink plain water, Crystal Light lemonade flavored water or V-8 vegetable juice. On occasion I will drink a diet soda, but it's nothing compared to the 6-8 cans I used to chug down every day. I have also been able to lose some weight and get my sugar levels better under control by cutting out the diet soda.

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