What sort of Bagel do you like and what do you put on it?


4 Oct 2012
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5:47 AM
The wife prefers plain bagels and smothers them in cream cheese (yuck!) - for me it's cinnamon and raisin bagel with slightly salted butter.

How about you?
I like anything cinnamononononony, but I also like a plain bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon.
Sorry, but I just don't 'get' bagels. I've tried several different kinds, and I can't take to them. I think it's the texture - they're quite solidly packed.
Plain bagel with jam for me - YUM!!!

Are bagels a Jewish food originally?
I usually eat an everything bagel with olive oil or hummus. Hummus makes an excellent bagel dip. I'll also eat garlic salt bagels from wegmans. I like their marco polo bagels as well. I don't think there is a bagel out there that I don't like when I really think about it.
Depending on the bagel I like different kinds of cream cheese or peanut butter and a nice apricot preserve.

My all-time favorite is an onion bagel, warm or toasted with green onion cream cheese. A friend of mine used to bring these into our office and I was hooked. Every Friday, fresh, warm and 5 kinds of cream cheese but I got two of those onion ones with a little of that wonderful cream cheese and had a short-time in heaven until reality sunk in and I had to return to work. :(
I like all kinds of bagels but my favorite is cinnamon and raisin. I put jam or margarine depending on my mood. I usually eat them for breakfast, but lately I have been eating them as a late night snack.
Onion, garlic, or plain are my top three. Poppyseed is good as well. The rest are okay but I draw the line at the sweet bagels and consider the asiago bagel a delicious treat but not really a proper bagel :)

A proper lox bagel is easily in my top ten favorite foods, but normally I'll just have then toasted with cream cheese.
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