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Whatcha drinking (2018-2022)?

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When I lived in Plattsburgh, NY (just over the border from Montreal), Molson Golden was the “good” beer got when you wanted your date to think you had a little class.

Tonight, pre-ballet drink, some kind of apple brandy-caramel vodka thingy:

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They don’t make that any more. Too bad. It was good. Came in a green bottle.
TastyReuben and how was that cocktail? Sounds interesting ...
It was ok; I won’t be trying to make it at home. Here’s the sign for it:

I think I've gotten to be a Cheapstake in my old age... I think about what I pay for a bottle of wine and how many glasses I can squeeze out of it as apposed to a bar or restaurant price per glass.
I took my Mother to lunch a few months back to a place we hadn't been in a while ... I ordered a Salad topped with Smoked Steak (delish btw) and a glass of white wine ...

Smallest pour I've ever seen for $10 !!! (I had taken one sip)
I don't think we'll go back there ... or at the least have a Draught/Craft Local Beer for like $6/pint and a Burger & Fries (one of my favorite Burgers there BTW), no more wine there!
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