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Whatcha drinking (2023)?

We were let go at noon today, in recognition of the Monday holiday, so having my Friday drink a little early:


Me: not great, not awful, just right down the middle average, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…it’s just not spectacular.

The fruit in it is very, very mild, takes a long time to come through, which is good, because mango can be sickly sweet, and it’s not a fruit I have much of because of that - so they’re right on target with the balance.

I like that the head is lacy and light, but manages to stick around for awhile. Heads like that usually dissipate before I can even sit down and get the first sip, but this didn’t budge.

MrsT rated this much higher than I did, though. She wanted the rest of mine (“No!”).
Ah, a beer from "Foat Wuth" Texas.

I can imagine a mango beer being more of a "chick beer."

A very expensive half-pint of Maine-brewed pilsner:


I’m at the gourmet grocery store. See that basket to the right? That was deposited there by a rowdy bunch of Chardonnay-sipping Desperate Housewives types sitting right next to me.

It didn’t stay there long. 🤨
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