Whatever happened to salmon and shrimp paste?

16 Oct 2012
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12:15 PM
As a child, we used to have sandwiches spread with salmon and shrimp paste - Shiphams I believe it was. I haven't touched the stuff in years, as I prefer my fish as close to natural as possible these days, but a friend in Spain asked me to bring back some salmon and shrimp paste for her.

I've scoured the supermarket shelves, and I can find crab paste, salmon paste and sardine and tomato paste, but there's no sign of salmon and shrimp paste, and the stores don't seem to know why they don't have it on the shelves.

So, does anyone know if you can still get salmon and shrimp paste, and where? Is it only on sale in certain areas, or have they stopped making it? If someone can come up with the answer for my friend, I'd be really grateful.

Shaun - if this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it.
Better late than never!
Saw some shiphams salmon paste tonight at a co op in Stockbridge Hampshire ,sure it was 82p a pot or 2 for £1
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