What's so sexy about celebrity chefs?

16 Oct 2012
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8:52 AM
Paul Hollywood of The Great British Bake-Off has left his wife, allegedly for his co-presenter on the American version of the show. He's the latest in a long line of celebrity chefs who have had their heads turned by fame and left the wife or partner who stood by them while they worked their way up the kitchen hierarchy for a younger model.

I don't think any of the celebrity chefs are particularly good looking, and they all seem pretty full of themselves, so what is it that attracts women to them? Is it the ability to cook, the fame, the money, or something else? I love Rick Stein's food, but I can't imagine being around him full time. Maybe I'm just old and set in my ways.
I suspect it's a combination of celebrity and something a bit intangible - a sort of skill thing. Food is a sensuous thing, and TV cooks do a lot of talking about it. Also, it can be very attractive to be confident in any skill - musicians for example.

On the other hand, I've heard enough about TV chefs being right bastards to work with, so I don't think they'd be my sort.
I find Michel Roux jnr very appealing, he has gorgeous eyes. It seems to be that with a lot of successful men, they work hard with a good supportive wife beside them, then once they hit the big time they move on. Selfish, middle age thing I guess. Money and fame can be very appealing regardless of how he looks or behaves.
Nigella has a certain something. Bullying husband notwithstanding.
And Delia in a 'mousy woman with a hidden, passionate, tigress lurking inside' kind of way.

That sweary bloke with a face like a chamois leather leaves me cold I'm afraid.
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