What's the longest you've left a meal cooking and still been able to eat and enjoy it?

16 Oct 2012
Local time
9:48 AM
Yesterday, we were staying with a friend who lives near the hospital my daughter's in, to give me a rest from driving and cooking. Good plan, but on the way to their place, the clutch went on the car. By the time we'd arranged a tow and got back, it was 10.45 p.m.

My friend had arranged to serve the chicken casserole at 7.30, so it was over 3 hours overdue. She'd lowered the oven to gas mark 1 while they helped to sort out the problem. Luckily, the chicken was really tender, and even the roasties were still edible and enjoyable, if a bit dark and crunchy.

So, what's the biggest delay you've ever had between the planned and actual serving time, yet still had an enjoyable meal?
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