What's your favourite hot weather food?

16 Oct 2012
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5:19 AM
We enjoy salads, but when the hot spell lasts for a while, you tend to get a bit fed up with them, so we've been casting around for new stuff to eat. One favourite is bacon and egg. It's quick to cook, so you won't swelter over the stove, and it doesn't lie too heavy on the stomach either. We hardly ever have bacon and egg for breakfast, but over the last couple of weeks, when it's been so hot, we've had it several times for tea, and really enjoyed it. I dry fry the bacon, and cook the eggs in just a splash of olive oil, so it's a - fairly - healthy option.

What do you eat in the hot weather?
salads - there are so many different versions & ways and variety that we rarely get fed up of them
next fruit, usually by itself
or just flat breads & pate/humous
pitta with pate & salad
mexican wraps with pate/humous & salad

basically anything that does not involve being cooked or eaten hot!

That's my favourite cold weather food too.... :wink:

I do like salads and stuff, but can't usually be bothered to make a variety just for myself.
Preparing salads is just too time consuming - it takes hours. I prefer the shortcut that is ice cream; readily available, easy to access, one spoon - one happy dude! :coffee:
tonight's evening meal - well my husband's but he has just rung to say he missed the 5pm train because his connecting train was running late, so has picked up some sandwiches... took less time to prefer than it has for the soft boiled egg to cook (and was already on when he rang!).
OK I could probably do some more work on presentation, but then I was not expecting to photo it!


homemade hummus (made earlier today - no longer than 10 mins to do after soaking chickpeas overnight & cooking them whilst do other bits this morning)
homemade white bean pate (made 3 days ago - butter beans soaked overnight, cooked whilst having breakfast, 5 mins for recipes to throw together)
celery, carrot, mushroom, spinach & watercress with tamari (soy sauce)
chickpeas with olive oil, paprika, cumin, coriander, garlic & spring onion (made whilst waiting for egg to boil)
homemade raw watercress & spinach bread (made overnight - so 10-15 mins prep & abandon to dehrydrator for 12 hrs)
homemade raw onion bread (made overnight - so 5 mins prep & abandon to dehrydrator for 12 hrs)

maybe not everyone's idea of a salad, but it works for us and this was a basic quick throw it together - we only shop once a week and that is tomorrow! Mind you that said, it now is going to be his lunch tomorrow!
That look nice, I'd happily tuck into it.

I did have a salad a few days ago, I had leftover leaves from a pack we'd had at the weekend, and a portion of the batch pasta sauce I'd made for the week, which was a tin of mixed beans in tomato sauce from Morrisons, to which I'd added sauteed onion, pepper and courgette. I had that cold, with the leaves, and a portion of sharwoods medium noodles coated in a dressing of soy sauce and sesame oil. All worked remarkably well for something made because I could barely be bothered to cook!
OMG that's just made me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hungry!!! :roflmao:

Although I'd personally probably struggle with some of the tastes / textures - it does look like a hearty (and healthy) meal. Nice pic! :thumbsup:
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