What's your favourite spice?


11 Oct 2012
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12:15 AM
Eccles, Salford
Following on from the favourite herb thread, what spice would you choose if you could only have one?

For me, cinnamon. Warm, delicate and full on at the same time. Cinnamon toast..... :thumbsup:
I'd second coriander - it has a lovely sharp, clean taste, and it's so versatile. I also use cumin, and ginger figures on our favourite spice list. I do enjoy cinnamon in arroz con leche - which is basically cold rice pudding, Spanish style.
like coriander seeds and cumin seeds as mentioned but whole or ground star anise has a place in my spice drawer,oriental subtle and adds a new dimension,this seasons new spice/herb is dill and fennel pollen great for fish
I absolutely love cinnamon. Another type I like is garlic salt although most wouldn't consider it a spice. The last would be mint. I usually sprinkle mint flavoring into my home made ice cream and it is delicious! Everyone eats it every time I make it.

Well, I do remember when my husband thought my avocado ice cream was the mint ice cream. He absolutely hated it. LOL!
I like cinnamon and cilantro. Cilantro is so refreshing. I love to get it organically grown and fresh from the farm. I really should start growing my own cilantro. I've heard it is not hard. Cinnamon is good on almost any dessert. I love some hot cocoa with cinnamon.
It's hard for me to pick a favorite, but I think it's definitely either cumin or garlic. Any time I'm just cooking up some simple meat to have along with rice and veggies, cumin and garlic always manage to find their way into the meal. Garlic obviously is incredibly versatile, and goes in almost everything, but I've found ways I like to tweak lots of meals just to be able to include cumin
Oh man so many to choose from. I'd probably pick Garlic since every veggie I cook,I cook it with garlic. Green beans cook with garlic. Cauliflower,broccoli,carrot with garlic. Beansprout with garlic. Well..just about anything lol. I also love fried onion .sprinkle it on soup is so good. Cilantro is another one of my favorite. I always put them in my ramen.
Without a doubt, my favorite spice is oregano, I feel it compliments every kind of ingredient, or i just love it so much.
Oregano my dear friends. It goes on anything. From a pizza to an Indian dish, a dash of oregano does the trick. My absolute favorite.
My favorite spice is pepper. (Yep!) I have noticed on cooking shows that some chefs look down on this stuff. I am not exactly sure why. It's inexpensive, healthy and tangy. I prefer it alone on certain types of vegetables and meat.

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