Who's your favourite TV chef?

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13 Oct 2012
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I know, it's an obvious thread to start, but go on.

Mine is Bill Granger. Good healthy, simple food and brilliant Sydney locations. An easy sunny style to his delivery and the photography. His restaurants too are simple and affordable without the overpriced excesses you see with most TV cooks.
I like the Hairy Bikers, and I love Rick Stein's enthusiasm for food, and the places he visits. Delia Smith is my go-to celebrity chef for techniques, but she's not such a charismatic screen personality as the others, so I only watch her if she's doing something I'm really interested in.
I like it when big lad Tom kerridge does a spot on Saturday morning ,no airs or graces good food with a laugh
My favourite tv chef is Bobby Flay, I am always watching him on Food Network, mostly in Throw Down with Bobby Flay. I believe he sometimes judge on Chopped, another favourite food series of mine.
I like Nigel Slater, I think I aspire to his lifestyle in his leftovers series. He has all those fabulous leftovers, things I can't really afford right now - like nice ham, or fancy bread. He also comes across as very amiable, but a little bit sad, so I think I want to mother him or something!

Jamie Oliver has a nice down to earth enthusiasm, coupled with bloody mindedness over the issues he takes on.

And Hugh Fiercely-Eatsitall (sorry, Fernley Whittingstall) is inspiring for the self sufficient part of me.
Also, not one chef, but I learnt quite a lot of my cooking from watching Ready Steady Cook 15-20 years ago. The speed aspect of it appealed to me, as I'm the sort of person who wants their dinner ready quickly, and the mixed bag of ingredients for a budget price suited the sort of thing I'd be likely to buy. So although it was mostly just entertainment, it was useful too!
I've got to say that my favorite TV chef is New York born and raised Alex Guarnaschelli. She's a judge on Chopped and she's the newest Iron Chef. I love the way she describes food. I checked out her cookbook from the library and she writes exactly the same way too!
My favorite TV hosts are the ones at Master Chef Australia. Of course, I am assuming everyone knows Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston and George Calombaris. I like the way they present, the feedback that they give and the discussions that they have. Not only do they host it well, but also interact and make the program quite interesting. So, they are my favorites.
I like Jamie and the hairy bikers. I think they make really simple and tasty meals. i've made a lot of their recipes and loved everyone! I can't recommend them enough. Also, I love Jamie's series (30 minute meals, 15 minute meals and the cheap meals)

I don't like Gordon Ramsey, I think he's got a bit of strange and dark side to him. Although, he may be really nice. Who knows. He just seems really obnoxious, arrogant and selfish. He makes his kids do the live cooking show with him throughout christmas day and I feel so sorry for them. They are all just sat in the background moping. I'm sure they just want to be with their mum and dad having fun as a family.
Donna hay is An Aussie cook and food stylist, we have 1 of her books and her style is simple, easy, fresh.
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