Would you eat a 'test tube burger?'

16 Oct 2012
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9:46 AM
The news is full of the in vitro burger that's been grown from a cow's stem cells in a laboratory. It cost £250,000 to develop, according to this story, but they could have saved their money as far as I'm concerned. The only burgers I ever eat are those made by me, or trusted friends and family. If, as they are suggesting, most of our meat in the future will be grown in laboratories, I'll be turning vegetarian.

What do you think? Would you want to eat meat grown in a test tube?
Well at least you would know the source! and not need to worry about it containing horsemeat!
Being veggie for the last 29 years, I actually don't think it would bother me if I was to 'turn back to meat', but given that there is very little chance of that...
I think it's all a waste of time*. The answer to an unsustainable desire for meat in the world is not to pander to it, but to make/persuade people that they can do without it sometimes.

*Well, in food terms. No doubt there are valuable sides to the research in medical terms, perhaps growing skin for grafts, organs even.
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