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16 Oct 2012
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Okay, let's get away from alcohol here - just for a little while, so don't panic! The English are famed for drinking tea at every opportunity, but I think it's yet another stereotype label we've picked up. I like tea, and I'll drink several mugs in the morning. Don't even ask me to poke my head outside until I've had at least two mugs, or you'll regret it! However, I don't turn to tea in every crisis, and most of the people I know don't drink tea as a prop in a crisis.

I hate tea from a pot - it turns from 'just right' to 'stewed to death' in no time at all. I don't like it strong either - I just more or less walk past the mug waving a Tetley's teabag at it. And it has to be a round one, not those One Cup things with the silly string that always manages to drop in the cup. Because I like my tea weak, and I don't like waste, I make two mugs from one bag, and my family say why don't I just buy the One Cup bags, instead of showing myself up by re-using the round ones?

Because it's not the same, that's why! I like my tea weak, but I like it - well, how I like it. How about you? Care to share your tea drinking habits?
English tea? no, can't stand the stuff.
Turkish Chai - yes, served as it comes, 'black' and sweet.

In the UK - I'm back on Green Tea, no milk, plenty of sugar...
not that keen on fruit teas, but will tolerate some of them with sugar/honey
Yuk! Hate tea...and coffee for that matter! :sick: I know I know, taxi for one........ :whistling:
Tea, loose leaf in a pot. (DJ Miles atm )

If you haven't got time to do it properly, you may as well be drinking instant coffee
Tea is my "I feel depressed / upset and need something to cheer me up" drink. Builders' brew (co-op's 99 brand) with lots of milk and 2 sugars. :coffee:
Tea is just what I drink! When I get up, when I get in from work, when I'm stressed, when I'm bored...

At home, I reuse bags, two cups per bag, mostly on grounds of economy. At work, we use a pot, and weak tea gets you lynched. I'm rarely all that keen on fruit or herb teas - they smell nice, but once they're not piping hot, I find them too bitter.

I did find recently that I like Earl Grey with a spoonful of honey and some sliced fresh ginger. That stayed nice even when cold, and was very soothing when I had a cold and sore throat.
Roubouch at work , we have whitards apple tea at home but I drink to much real coffee ,but I had given up coffee till 5 years ago , but now am dependent , get shakes after 3 days with out it
Bit late to the thread because I'm not checking in regularly enough. Never used to drink much til my mid-20's when I grew accustomed to having a mug of earl grey, black, little sugar when I got into work every morning. Then 20 years ago stopped. Never really missed it and still only very occasionally partake. Not fussed with it. Do not like tisanes and such like, a waste of water really!!
I don't really drink Breakfast tea but will have some for guests - tend to have mine with Soya milk.

I can be an infrequent tea drinker but I go through phases. I like blue oolongs with no milk no sugar that have a very mild taste and a lovely light floral hint. I have a cupboard full of different teas, herbal, different black teas, loose leaf and teabags, homemade chai..All sorts! I tend to drink tea at times for medicinal effects (Part of the Chinese culture) but can go for a while without any caffeinated drink.
I drink Earl Grey tea, not to strong and no milk or sugar. It is decaff after lunch time.

I also drink Po Nee Chinese tea and would have a pile of leaves in the bottom of a pint mug that is topped up until it is too weak to be tea.

Tea is my drink of choice, along side water.
Bit late to the party but anyway: I like really strong black tea (loose leafs) with cream (not milk), no sugar or anything else. Try it:)
I love the classic English Breakfast Tea, no sugar tiny bit of milk. Mmmm tea!
Basically live on the stuff, hence why I cut the sugar out.

I'm getting into Lapsang Souchong recently, with or without milk again no sugar.
I've been using teabags but have just acquired a tea sub and some loose leaf Lapsang Souchong :D .

I'm not a great fan of green tea or fruit teas.
I have never really gotten into tea drinking outside of childhood where it was forced on me as this is considered as a necessity in beginning your day. I do still drink it when I want to, I especially love chocolate tea, ginger tea and mint tea.
I like to dronk herbal teas. I like Green Tea and mint green tea. I like to drink it after work to relax me so that I can get to sleep. I have a hard time falling asleep tea is just the thing to relax me. If I'm realky tensed I will drink a cup of chamomile tea. That is very good for relaxation.
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