What are your interest/hobbies - besides cooking

Discussion in 'The CookingBites Cafe' started by ElizabethB, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. medtran49

    medtran49 Senior Member

    SE Florida
    Honestly, I don't really like to shop. Don't get me wrong, I'll shop until I find exactly what I want at a decent price, but hours of wandering around stores just to look, just no.
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  2. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    For a long time she has figured in clothes ads for Marks and Spencer store in the UK. She is quite well preserved...
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  3. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

  4. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    Then there is the three sets of clothes that are required. Fat clothes, normal weight clothes and clothes for when we are nice and skinny. I'm not joking.
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  5. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Midlands, England

    Leicester UK
    I only shop if I really need to, wandering around shops is quite stressful because after a while everything starts to look the same :o_o:. Although yesterday I did see a lovely t-shirt but at £45.00 I left the store without it.
    Sorry @morning glory @Karen W , I just don't enjoy it :(
  6. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Midlands, England

    Leicester UK
    I have started doing wasgijs again. Once the warmer weather and lighter nights return I will be back outside gardening or running.
  7. Karen W

    Karen W Senior Member

    I shop in my nightgown LOL. Every Saturday morning at about 5 a.m. I love to watch a fashion show on television called Wake up in Style. They are at evine.com, but you probably don't get the channel where you are. I like their brands like Indigo thread co., One world, Kate and Mallory. I'm accustomed to the way the clothes fit, pretty much. Recently I found a a Black velvet duster/coat/kimono with fringe on the bottom hemline (similar to a piano shawl), and embroidery on the sleeves. Kind of a reinvented throwback from the 60s and 70s. I never would have been able to afford it, even if I were able to find it in the stores. Their clothing is pretty unique. Boho with a California vibe, and affordable. I used to sew and make many of my own clothes, so I know how expensive it can be.
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  8. Karen W

    Karen W Senior Member

    Part deux. I used to be an avid sewer. I made about two to three garments a week, and samples for a fabric store. The fabric store paid for the materials. The samples were on display for about a month, then I got to keep the garments. I worked on a studio lot, and thought I could turn my hobby into a profession. I wanted to get into the Wardrobe department on the Studio lot to make costumes for movies etcetera. Getting into their Union was like a catch-22. You have to be a member of the Union to work in the department, but at the same time you couldn't work at that department unless you were a union member. I never figured it out. Instead I made clothes for myself and Friends, and sold a few of my own creations. Thought about opening up a boutique, but stuck with my day job.
  9. rascal

    rascal Senior Member

    Apart from cooking I bet and watch horse racing. A lot! I also study horse bloodlines.


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