Image Copyright Guidelines

CookingBites Policy regarding photographic, video and other image related copyrights

Image refers to both still and moving images.

If it is your photograph/video - If you took/filmed the photograph/video and the copyright is definitely yours (so it was you taking the photo or creating the film on your device), then you own the copyright even after uploading/linking it to the CookingBites site.

Public Domain images or videos - if you are uploading an image found on the internet or linking to a video found on the internet (such as those found on Wikipedia and YouTube), you can only do so if it is permitted and you must add the appropriate credits. Do not try to circumvent any non-sharing options that some sites use to try to prevent image/video theft or copyright violation. If we are asked to remove images/videos by the original owner/author, we will so, without notice.

Any other image/video - Our policy is simply. If you are in any doubt, don't use it. It is everyone's best interest that you simply don't upload the image/video in question and find one that you know you can use.

Non-Cooking Related Images - We will never take copyright, period. But we will remove any images found to violate copyright or any images that are judged to be unsuitable for a family audience. Also it is requested that ay image featuring children, feature only member's immediate families' children and that they have the parents' permission to upload that image onto the internet. CookingBites requests that images on non-family children are simply not uploaded to this site. CookingBites reserves the right to remove images without warning if we find that they violate any copyrights or parental consents or are simply deemed to be inappropriate for a family orientated cooking forum.

This page was last updated on 16th August 2019
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