1. medtran49

    Recipe Green garlic and avocado pesto

    Craig thought this needed more garlic and so did I when I first started eating. However, by the time I got done, my breath could have slain a dragon, so... I gave a range due to that. INGREDIENTS 2-3 green garlic bulbs, outer membranes removed, cloves cut into 2 or 3 pieces or smashed One...
  2. blades

    Ripening Avocados

    Mod Edit: new thread started. Avocados are a pantry item in our house. We use them at least twice per week. I use them in sandwiches, omelettes, sauces, condiments, soup, pizza, you name it. I think you probably have to overcook one to make it brown or start with one that is over-ripe. It...
  3. Windigo

    Recipe Crayfish & vodka salad

    As you all requested me to enter this salad recipe into the competetion, I decided to do so though I am not expecting any wins because it's exceedingly easy. All the work goes into making it look nice, that's all. For 4 persons you need: Good quality mayonaise Good quality ketchup Paprika...
  4. karadekoolaid

    Recipe Tagliatelle with Fresh Salmon, Avocado and Dill

    Ingredients: (Serves 4) 500 gms tagliatelle (I like Di Cecco) 200 gms fresh salmon steak, cubed 1 clove garlic, minced Olive oil Small glass white wine (pref. Sauvignon Blanc) 2 large sprigs fresh dill 1 avocado, diced Juice 1 lime Salt & pepper to taste Method: Heat the oil in a frying...
  5. C

    Avocado Oil

    I have never used it, but I'm thinking about trying it. Who here uses it, and how do you use it? What is it like? CD
  6. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Naranja Guacamole

    Hmmm...now what's different about this guacamole? In a lot of ways, this is a guacamole recipe with orange juice in it. The orange flavor adds a sweetness that you can balance out with heat to your heart's content. And, the citrus does play nicely with the existing lime juice: I had considered...
  7. Frittata and Avocado open-topped sandwich.jpeg

    Frittata and Avocado open-topped sandwich.jpeg

  8. Oat penne with avocado and cheese.jpeg

    Oat penne with avocado and cheese.jpeg

  9. Oat penne with avocado and cheese.jpeg

    Oat penne with avocado and cheese.jpeg

  10. Oat penne with avocado and cheese.jpeg

    Oat penne with avocado and cheese.jpeg

  11. Morning Glory

    The avocado debate

    I'm not sure when avocado became trendy or 'hip' or well, just everywhere on menus in the Western world. In particular, on breakfast/brunch menus. The Top 10 Most Divisive Food Debates - My Home Chef I never used to like avocado. Its sort of bland and sweetish with a weird smooth texture...
  12. Morning Glory

    Recipe Crab cakes with burnt lime and avocado dressing

    Thai basil adds an aniseed flavour to the crab cakes and works well with the Scotch bonnet which has a slightly fruity taste. Whether you leave the seeds in the chilli is up to you. The burnt lime adds an interesting slightly smokey taste to the creamy avocado dressing. Ingredients For the...
  13. JAS_OH1

    Recipe Kale quinoa power bowl

    When my husband was on the road working regularly, I found an easy, healthy option to keep already cut-up salad veggies in the refrigerator plus a few cooked-ahead items that could easily be warmed up to compile a complete and well-balanced meal in just minutes. There was a healthy eatery...
  14. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Korean Breafast: Gyeran-bap with Avocado

    Bap is rice in Korean (think Bibimbap). Gyeran is eggs. (Someday I think I’ll know a bunch of words in a variety of languages around the world, but they’ll all be food-related.) This recipe comes from Aaron and Claire’s You Tube channel, from a video named “4 Quick and Easy Korean...
  15. marchdesign

    Type of knife to cut avocados safely?

    Hi all, Thanks for answering my question on avocado tools two weeks ago. I came to learn that there are no tools better to cut avocados than using a sharp knife. Some suggested using a veg knife, some suggested using a long knife. To avoid injury, what is your knife of choice to safely...
  16. marchdesign

    Best avocado tools?

    Hi all, I'm currently doing research on the best tools to dissect an avocado or any other way to enjoy them. What do you all recommend for a useful gadget or tool? And do you think it's worth it for its price? Best, Hugo
  17. Avocado, Banana and Kefir.jpeg

    Avocado, Banana and Kefir.jpeg

  18. Avocado, Banana and Kefir.jpeg

    Avocado, Banana and Kefir.jpeg

  19. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Mahi-Mahi with Sweet Potato, Avocado, and More, in a Soft White Corn Tortilla

    Yes, I know. This recipe missed the recent challenge... but the sweet potato insisted to be cooked and eaten! Mahi-mahi (Coryphaena hippurus), aka “common dolphinfish” or “dorado”, is not remotely related to the mammal dolphin. They typically hang out in the Gulf of Mexico, near...
  20. rascal

    Avocados how to freeze ??

    My wife said you can freeze these, I don't know much about them and have only been eating them in the last few years. I didn't grow up with them I only know because my daughter loves them. At one point here they were $7 ea and were also being stolen from orchards for the black market. How do...
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