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    Recipe Quinoa and Buckwheat flour Chocolate Cake (with some other stuff too)

    I took this to the office yesterday (16th Jan 2024) and it was popular. I'm thinking of increasing the oil and adding vanilla extract. What are your thoughts? What would you change if you were making this recipe? Based on Buckwheat Chocolate Cake (Gluten-Free + Egg-Free + Dairy-Free) |...
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    Using Quinoa/Buckwheat flour instead of Quinoa/Buckwheat

    My son likes the taste of this recipe, but not the texture. Recipe - Quinoa Chocolate Porridge 2 If I were to substitute Quinoa / Buckwheat flour for Quinoa / Buckwheat, what other changes should I make eg the amount of water and cooking time? Quinoa Chocolate Porridge 2 Ingredients...
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  4. A slice with berries sauce.jpeg

    A slice with berries sauce.jpeg

  5. A slice with berries sauce.jpeg

    A slice with berries sauce.jpeg

  6. Buckwheat Cake with Berries.jpeg

    Buckwheat Cake with Berries.jpeg

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    A slice.peg

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    Recipe Buckwheat and Spelt Bread

    I was experimenting really and ended up using a banaton in a reversal of the way its normally used. The banaton is normally used for the final rise to give the bread distinctive ridges. Here, I used it for the first rise, then turned it out and let the dough spread and 'split' before cooking...
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