1. Hungry Man

    Recipe & Video Pan seared squid with kalamata olives and cherry tomatoes

    How to Clean Squid & Simple Pan Fried Calamari Recipe View: Ingredients: 1 kg fresh squid / calamari milk to tenderize parsley (chopped, ¼ cup) 1 red chili pepper 100 g cherry tomatoes 50 g black (kalamata) olives 1 clove of garlic 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil...
  2. Hungry Man

    Recipe & Video Grilled calamari (squid) with spicy goat cheese stuffing

    Grilled calamari (squid) with spicy goat cheese stuffing View: Ingredients: 500 g squid (with tentacles) Baking soda, 1tsp Sea salt, 1 tsp Sugar, 1 tsp Milk, 1 cup 100 g fresh goat cheese Chili flakes, 1tsp Paprika powder, 2tsp Olive oil, 2 tbsp Garlic, 1...
  3. Hungry Man

    Recipe & Video Fried Calamari and Turkish style Tarator sauce

    Fried calamari is one of the most popular summer dishes in Turkey and I've tried fried calamari in many countries and I think the ones in Turkey were the best. (to my taste :) Here is how I do it and together with a quick recipe for Turkish Tarator sauce (contains walnuts, garlic, yoghurt and...
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