A drink prepared from roasted coffee beans
  1. Ground Coffee

    Ground Coffee

    Ground Coffee
  2. flyinglentris

    Coffee Price Hikes - Again?

    It's in the wind. At least Starbucks, will raise coffee prices in July. A large bag of ground coffee will run $15 to $16 USD right now. What will it be in July? What will be the alternative for those who like Starbucks blends?
  3. Coffee pot at work.jpeg

    Coffee pot at work.jpeg

  4. Coffee Grinder

    Coffee Grinder

    Coffee Grinder
  5. Hemulen

    Recipe Banana, Mocha & Pistachio Jello-Mousse

    Banana, Mocha & Pistachio Jello-Mousse Serves 6-8 | Preparation 15-20 min This is a vegan recipe; made up today. It was intended to be a cake filling but the cake (with e.g. citrus juices, walnut oil and pistachio-flour mix) didn’t set in 1,5 hours in the oven and went straight into the bin...
  6. flyinglentris

    Coffee Drinks

    Hey all, I am looking for ideas to diversify the way I prepare my morning Joe. I typically cycle through drinking coffee - black, using a flavored creamer, Kahlua, Honey and other syrups. I have used Molasses, Maple Syrup, Blue Agave Syrup, Caramel, Chocolate and Nutrella. I'm not...
  7. Coffee and Brioche.jpeg

    Coffee and Brioche.jpeg

  8. Espresso coffee.jpeg

    Espresso coffee.jpeg

  9. Caffe’.jpeg


  10. Breakfast.jpeg


    Cappuccino, Cornetto and coffee with Moka
  11. Stovetop Italian Coffee with Moka.jpeg

    Stovetop Italian Coffee with Moka.jpeg

  12. Erica_L

    Methods for brewing coffee

    Hi everyone. I am new to the forum, but I love cooking and have a lot of questions. Now I am experimenting with different sorts of coffee and different brewing processes. I came to this idea when realized that brewing coffee with my Turkish coffee brewing pot became my morning ritual, and the...
  13. Hubby's Long Black & 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Hubby's Long Black & 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Hubby's Long Black & 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies for starters
  14. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Ricotta flavoured with coffee powder and Marsala wine

    Serves 2, Preparation time 5 mins, In the fridge about 1 hour Sweet Ricotta, 250 g. Brown sugar, 3 teaspoons Coffee powder, 2 teaspoons Sweet Marsala wine, a tablespoon Dark chocolate grated or choco drops, to taste Oro Saiwa Italian biscuits or your fave dried biscuits to crumble, 4 Coffee...
  15. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Classic Coffee and Mascarpone Tiramisu

    Serves: 6 | Preparation time: 40 mins + 2 h to rest Mascarpone: 500 g Coffee: 150 ml Rum or cognac (optional): 45 ml Ladyfingers : about 20-25 Eggs: 5 Sugar: 5 tbsp Unsweetened cocoa powder: to taste A pinch of salt Method Separate the egg yolks from the whites and place them in two...
  16. Herbie


    Decaff or caff? No milk, milk, dairy-free milk? Sugar? Syrup (flavour?)? Moccas, Americano, espresso, etc ? Kenyan, Italian, etc.? Me? Black Americano or filter. No sugar. I like Kenyan coffee. No caffeine after my after-lunch coffee.
  17. Dive Bar Casanova

    Anyone have a early AM coffee ritual?

    The Starbucks here open at 5:00 AM. I developed a bad habit of starting the car or truck and heading there at opening. It got addicting. You can argue if it's a good coffee or not. I take your point. I like my Keurig better but to get moving in the morning and a little socializing is part of it...
  18. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Oxtail Bourguignon

    Putting this together was the cooking equivalent of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, but I'm very happy with how it turned out. On the surface, this sounds like it should have been the same as my Beef Bourguignon recipe with oxtail instead of "normal" beef. But, certain things made it much more...
  19. detroitdad

    Recipe Black Pepper and Ground Coffee Bean Bread

    5 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons melted unsalted butter. 3 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons freshly cracked or ground black pepper. 2 tablespoons of ground coffee beans separated in half 2 teaspoons active dry yeast. 1 cup warm water (about 110? F) 1 tablespoon sugar. 1 teaspoon salt. 1 large egg. 3...
  20. Morning Glory

    Recipe Coffee Infused Eggs

    I have a hunch not many people are going to try this - and perhaps its an acquired taste but I love them. It couldn't be easier to do so you could make just one egg to try it out if you want to know how it tastes. Just pop a shelled hardboiled egg in a mug of strong coffee and leave overnight...
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