cooking experience

  1. Windigo

    Food memories Q&A

    I thought it would be fun to make a thread with some specific questions about your food memories. I provide a template and would love to read all your answers! When you were a child, if you got to choose what was for dinner: what would it have been? What did you buy with your pocket money...
  2. rascal

    Designated cook?

    Not a complaint but something that just happens, when we go away I get lumbered with cooking. 9 of us were staying in motel units and I always get asked for a list of food I want to,cook with. First night was snacks and pizza, next morning full English for 9 , 1 minus shrooms. I cooked for all...
  3. K

    I am new..

    Nice to meet you everyone here.
  4. Morning Glory

    When did you start cooking?

    How long have you been cooking? I mean seriously cooking. I'm ashamed to say I was in my mid twenties before I learned anything at all. I was pretty hopeless back then and it was a man in my life who taught me to cook. But really, it wasn't until I was mid thirties that I started regularly...
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