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  1. Mountain Cat

    Cooking Queries! - Cooking Skills Questionnaire

    I found this on Facebook about half an hour ago. I've included my answers. If you wish to play along, copy and put in your OWN answers as a response. cooking skills questionnaire: Have you ever- 1. Made biscuits from scratch? yes 2. Fried fresh okra? Yes. Love okra! 3.Made sourdough...
  2. The Late Night Gourmet

    Using cooking skills to survive a black out

    I’ve been dealing with a power outage – downed power lines because of extremely high winds - for most of the day here. There were rumors that we would be without power for as long as three days. I was sure they were being overly pessimistic. But, just in case, I decided to go out and buy a...
  3. Morning Glory

    I've never cooked it... but I'd like to!

    Name a dish or recipe you haven't ever cooked but that you would like to cook. Why haven't you cooked it?
  4. Morning Glory

    How often do you make your own pastry & what types?

    Do you make your own pastry? Or perhaps you buy ready-made chilled or frozen pastry. When it comes to puff pastry, the ready-made option is a good one for many people and its a great product - but have you ever attempted it yourself? What types of pastry have you made before? Here is a prompt...
  5. imjennibeth

    Immersive food and cooking class research survey

    I am currently conducting a research about Teaching Kitchen or Food Learning Spaces as part of my thesis in my master program in Food Innovation in Italy. This research is also supported by the Italian food company Barilla that aims to help people make informed food choices, eat well, happily...
  6. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    What do you consider to be basic cooking skills

    I was wondering what people consider to be basic cooking skills? For instance obviously boiling an egg, frying it (without leaving it tasting of grease or overcooked), boiling an egg, poaching an egg? Where does cooking pasta come into it? fresh or dried? What about actually making your own...
  7. Elawin

    Basic Cooking Skills

    This article on MSN tickled me, although it is very true. I know plenty of people who can't/won't cook and seem to live entirely on cereals, junk food, ready meals, and takeaways...
  8. cupcakechef

    Cooking Skills you should master by age 30?

    I was reading an interesting article today, about cooking skills that a person should have mastered by the age of 30. Being just over that threshold myself, the list interested me. Here were the list items: How to perfectly grill a steak How to make a vinaigrette How to make tomato sauce How to...
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