croatian cuisine

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    Recipe Povitica - Poppy Seed Roll or Strudel

    I've read through so many of these recipes in the last few day trying hard to decide which one to make. I narrowed the field down to 6 this morning. 3 vegan, 3 non-vegan. Comparing them all, there was actually quite a bit of difference but it seems that variations on the Poppy Seed Roll or...
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    Recipe Salenjaci

    Salenjaci DOBRI STARI SALENJACI: Provjerena receptura za omiljene zimske kolačiće Ingredients 800-1000 g all purpose flour 500 lard 1 yeast cube (40 g, I added the g quantity, as yeast cubes may vary across the globe) 400 ml milk 1egg salt and sugar Preparation It says, hard to imagine how...
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