1. flyinglentris

    Are Your Cooking and Dining Choices Atrociously Outlandish?

    Are Your Cooking and Dining Choices Atrociously Outlandish? Put your two cents in on what might be the definition of fine dining and healthy food intake with your comments.
  2. flyinglentris

    Dining Etiquette

    How keen are you on dining etiquette in your own home? - and in restaurants? There are all sorts of rules of etiquette, but many are ignored, taken as unnecessary - snobby even. But there are somethings that make sense - like holding the plate under your face when eating something that...
  3. Burt Blank

    Fantasy Dining - who would you invite?

    This is a partner free zone. 7 guests, we can pretend they are alive if they are deceased. The first person who pairs Yorkie's plump banger with Linda Lovelace get's bonus points.
  4. flyinglentris

    Dining with World War II Veterans

    Allow me to call attention to the fact that within the next 10 years, we can expect the last World War II Veteran, from all nations that were involved, to expire. Honor them in these last 10 years. They truly are "The Last Great Generation." I have known many of the veterans...
  5. F

    Winters In Spain, Outdoor Dining & Tapas Are Very Common

    In the Winter, dining outdoors regardless of the weather are very common place in Spain. As you can see in the Photo, our bars have Mushroom Heating Lamps to provide the heat from the chill .. They are called: Mushroom, Umbrella or Patio Heaters .. They come in commercial use sizes and...
  6. jennyb

    Where do you eat when at home?

    We always try to make an effort to set the dining table for our evening meal even though its just the two of us but sometimes (mostly in winter months) we snuggle up on the sofa in front of the TV and eat off trays! We have a kitchen table too and that is where we have breakfast and lunch. I...
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