dried/granulated garlic

  1. Windigo

    Recipe Everything but the bagel seasoning

    Probably a familiar spice mix to the Americans here, but one that's completely unknown where I live. It's not for sale anywhere, so I make my own. Because it makes just about any cheese sandwich or bread better. This is my take on it. What you need: 3 tablespoons white sesameseeds 3 tablespoons...
  2. Hemulen

    Recipe Speedy Meat Sauce

    Speedy Meat Sauce Serves 6-8 | Preparation & Cooking time ~30 min This is a quick and filling meat sauce with cashew nuts, cherry tomatoes and dried onion, garlic and herbs to be served with pasta (or any other accompaniment). Ingredients / Tomatoes, Nuts and Spice-Oil Mix ✧ 900 ml (~3.5...
  3. Morning Glory

    Recipe Mango Mustard

    Mango lends a tropical taste to this spicy mustard. There are quite a few ingredients but making it is an easy ‘two step’ process. This is a versatile ingredient and is great used in marinades. I used it to make Mango Mustard Chicken Breasts 'en papillote'. Ingredients (makes approx: 200ml of...
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