1. rascal

    We have company

    Daughters partner has moved on at a bad time. Her house she rented has been sold. She needs a hip replacement at 45. Long story short she needs to come home for a month or so until she can go back to teaching. So her and mr 6 are coming home. Luckily we have all downstairs free so heaps of room...
  2. S

    Cooking App for Family Recipes Survey

    Hey gang! Sorry if this is in the wrong place. My name is Steve and I am a student working on a phone app for families to store and share their recipes all in one place. We're still in the beginning phase of this but if you have some time and are fond of cooking feel free to take a moment and...
  3. sotastee

    Hello to the whole CookingBites family and beyond!

    Hi, there Sooooooo... excited to be here and be part of your family! I have got a few cooking ideas and cooking problems to solve if i can. So please fill me in if you have any questions...or better saying, i will be looking at your posts ;) :p
  4. Lullabelle

    Charging family and friends for Christmas dinner

    I have been reading on the BBC website about people charging family and friends for Christmas dinner. It appears to have sparked quite a debate. Hosting dinner can be very expensive so to a point I appreciate where the idea comes from but charging seems extreme. On December 27th my husband's...
  5. detroitdad

    My Family Portrait

    Lol..... not exactly what you were thinking. It's an updated pic of my other hobby. I have one more set enroute. I'll post close up pictures of each set as time permits. Don't worry, I get it that this will be a thread for one No worries :)
  6. morning glory

    Family history

    Inspired by some discussion about history and families in another thread, I was wondering about everyone's family history. There are three aspects to this: Whatever has been handed down to you by word of mouth, photographs, letters and documents etc. Ancestral research using or...
  7. Shaun

    How many will you be cooking for this Christmas?

    My wife and I are the join of two large families, and between us and our immediate family members (brothers, sisters and their kids) there are 38 of us! :eek: Whilst it is great to see everyone and get together at Christmas, we have a tradition in our house of just having Christmas dinner to...
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