1. Albacore Robagusti Fish Cake

    Albacore Robagusti Fish Cake

    Albacore Robagusti Fish Cake
  2. flyinglentris

    Recipe Albacore - Robagusti Bread Fish Cake

    Albacore - Robagusti Fish Cake: NOTE: This recipe is quite simple, once the Robagusti Bread has been created. Ingredients: 1) Albacore Tuna (canned in Water) - 5 Oz. 2) Robagusti Bread - equal volume to Albacore 3) Cream Cheese - 5 to 6 Tblspns. Procedure: 1) Open Albacore Can. 2) Drain...
  3. Finto Pesce.jpeg

    Finto Pesce.jpeg

  4. Morning Glory

    Recipe Salt Cod Fishcakes with Pepper and Tomato Sauce

    I made the salt cod for this dish by simply covering the cod fillets in sea salt and leaving to cure for 24 hours. But you could, of course use ready made salt cod. Ingredients 300g salt cod, soaked in cold water, poached and shredded. 500g mashed potato Oil for deep frying 2 roasted...
  5. C

    Recipe Lime And Chilli Fish Cakes

    About this recipe: These fish cakes are packed with flavour - lime, red chilli and coriander to be exact! These are easy to make and fantastic served with a sweet chilli mayo. Simply combine mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce to taste. Ingredients 500g potatoes, peeled, cooked and mashed...
  6. sidevalve

    Fishcakes ?

    No not those strange things made from mashed up bits of fish shaped into roughly round cakes and fried but the real fishcake. This is a slice of fish [each to their own but it's usually cod up here] sandwiched by two slices of potato dipped in batter and deep fried. Is this a northern thing...
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