food allergies

  1. Mountain Cat

    Allergies and Sensitivities

    Wondering what, if any, people here have, at least regarding food. My food sensitivities have arisen later in life - I ate everything just fine as a kid and an early adult. First one to crop up was fiddlehead ferns, which was depressing because I loved that harbinger of spring and Dad...
  2. medtran49

    Mushroom sub because of allergy

    We decided to have prime rib and mushroom bread pudding for our Christmas with our DD, DGDs, and a couple of guests when we go see them next weekend. Big problem though, 1 of the guests is highly allergic to mushrooms. I thought about making 1 bread pudding with mushrooms and 1 without, but in...
  3. Morning Glory

    The food and drink pairing game

    This is along the same lines as the Alphabet food and beverage game except that it requires a little more culinary skill. :D The idea is that you add a food or drink ingredient which pairs well with the preceding item. So, for example: potatoes - butter - garlic - bread - cheese - etc. Not sure...
  4. kgord

    Food Allergies

    Do you or does any member of your family have food allergies? What kinds of precautions do you use to keep the item out of your home? I guess it must consist of lots of label reading. I know some people can even develop food allergies who may not have had them previously.
  5. burrr

    Is anyone allergic to some but not all 'nuts'?

    I was reading the thread about cashews being a fruit and not technically a nut and it reminded me that I recently accidently ate something with cashew nuts in the ingredients and didn't have a reaction. I'm allergic to peanuts and brazil nuts, for certain. I've known for years that I'm not...
  6. A

    Gluten, corn and soy allergies

    We recently found out that my boyfriend's step dad is allergic to gluten, corn and soy. Now we just go to the store and spend hours trying to find anything that he can eat. Gluten free stuff in the store is so expensive. The gluten free noodles we bought have corn in them too! As soon as we find...
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