1. A

    what is you favorite fruit?

    My favorite fruit is mango and strawberry's. Just doing a review for a school project and would like to know which fruit everybody enjoys. :)
  2. ChowDownBob

    Do you eat much fresh fruit in a week?

    Late last year I noticed that I wasn't eating as much fresh fruit as I used to, so made an effort to try and have three or four pieces per week. I now take an orange to work each day to have at lunchtime and eat apples on a nighttime if I get a bit "snacky". How much fruit do you normally eat...
  3. Pat

    Recipe Make A Head Yogurt and Fruit Parfaits

    1 cup frozen or fresh fruit 4 teaspoons honey, .agave syrup or maple syrup 4 cup granola 1 cup of greek yogurt, or your favorite yogurt 1 tablespoon chia seeds In 4 4oz jars, layer the ingredients in order and seal. The will keep several days in the refrigerator.
  4. niemela23

    Banana chips!

    Oh, precious and dear 'Trail-mix'. :) And, by that term, as far as us hiking, fishing, hunting, snowboarding and swimming Canadians go... I mean a mixture of (we all have our own!) any of the following: dried fruits or veggies, seeds, small bits of 'sweet' (like chocolate or butterscotch...
  5. Corzhens

    Cotton fruit refresher

    This is not a smoothie nor a real juice. It is actually a mix of cotton fruit that is locally called Santol here. After taking away the rind, chop the cotton fruit flesh and slice it into 4. Place in a pitcher and for 5 cotton fruit, add 3 glasses of water and sugar to taste. Add ice to make it...
  6. Caribbean girl

    What time of day do you like to eat your fruit?

    When it comes to fresh fruit, do you have a special time of day that you prefer for eating them? I know most people like to eat their fruit first thing in the morning as part of their breakfast. Others like to have their fruit after having their lunch, and some may prefer to have fruit at...
  7. Caribbean girl

    Fruit Salads

    I think fruit salad is a good choice when it comes to having dessert, since it is a healthier kind of dessert and does not contain the amount of calories that other desserts contain. Fruit salads can be quite varied, containing many different combination of fruits. A fruit salad can also go...
  8. Diane Lane

    Recipe Yuletide Banana Bread

    As usual, I have two bananas that are going bad, so I'm going to make this bread later. I was going to make it as is, but when I pulled out my bread pans to look for the appropriate size, it dawned on me that I could make two smaller breads, rather than one large one. I owe a friend a dessert...
  9. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    An Apple a Day....

    ... keeps the doctor away, but the dentist very happy so it seems. My husband has been eating 2 apples a day for as long as I have known him. I have often commented on it, then finally given up on it and let him be because he doesn't listen to me. Now he has finally been told and see the...
  10. cupcakechef

    Picking your own fruits

    When I was a kid, I was lucky to live not too far from a berry picking farm. It was lovely to go there and pick fresh berries (and sneak quite a few into our mouths - don't worry, that was 100% allowed!) Right now I'm not living somewhere that has direct fruit picking nearby which is a bit of a...
  11. ChowDownBob

    Is an avocado a fruit or vegetable?

    I bought one recently thinking it was a fruit and could be eaten as such, but when I peeled it the inside was very dense and, to be honest, a bit tasteless (the texture wasn't all that pleasing to my mouth either). It looked, smelled, and tasted like a vegetable. But it has a stone, so does that...
  12. primalclaws1974

    Recipe How do you make fruit pizza?

    The recipe I use is pretty simple. I flatten sugar cookie dough (homemade or premade), making sure its clumped together. After cooking the cookies, and making a crust, I let it cool. The "sauce" is cream cheese, sugar and lemon juice. The fruit can be almost anything. I put on sliced...
  13. kamarsun1

    How Much Fruit Do You Eat daily?

    I love fruit, and I make sure I eat some type of fruit daily. I like fruit that is sweet, and I like the non-sweet fruit like Tomatoes and Avocados. I believe that our diet should have lot's of fruit and veggie. Do you agree with that Statement?
  14. HappilyHungry

    Strict Fruit and Nut Diet?

    I've often been told that fruit and nuts are the best possible options that you can go for as a "go-to diet" if you ever were searching for one. I've heard of persons who have eaten a diet that consisted solely of fruit and nuts, but I've never really been a big fan of "strict diets", or...
  15. Caribbean girl

    Do you incorporate fruit into your daily diet?

    Do you eat fruit on a daily basis, and which fruit do you eat the most? My choice of fruit for breakfast would be orange. I do, however, eat oranges around lunch time also, and even sometimes at night. I would usually eat a banana around mid morning or use it along with my lunch, but never in...
  16. S

    What's your choice of fruit today?

    I was welcomed to strawberries and bananas at work this morning so I chose those for breakfast. I then had a strawberry shortcake for lunch. Strawberries is my fruit today, obviously. What's your choice of fruit today?
  17. lizzief79

    Fruit in Savoury Meals

    How do you use fruit in your savoury meals? Personally, I like to make sauces with them. I also sometimes add sultanas and chopped apple to a curry. Of course, a tomato is fruit and I include these in many dishes I make. What are some interesting and creative ways to use fruit in a savoury meal...
  18. coffee

    Share your recipes for hiding fruit and nuts in food.

    My husband is a picky eater, and lately he's been on a junk food binge. The only healthy food he eats religiously is a banana a day. Do you have any recipes or ideas on how to hide the healthy stuff in "regular" food stuff? The only thing I can think of are smoothies, but even then the wrong...
  19. Gene Gibly

    Recipe Apple / Pear Cheese Salad

    Mix 1.5L bowl of watercress and tear greens, then place on nice platter. In med bowl mix 2-3 Tsb. of fresh lemon juice, 3-tab. extra virgin olive oil (evoo), salt and pepper Add either 2 pears or apples thin sliced. Toss gently with dressing Place the fruit on top of the greens and with a...
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