1. Unprofessional Cooker

    Any idea for fresh date palm?

    I got this from my mom yesterday and I have no Idea what should I do, I try in fresh bite but not really like the taste it too dry. I use to eat when it dried but not like this.
  2. rascal

    Fruit toast.

    We get fruit loaf here, wife used to buy it occasionally, I liked it as well. Over the years it's got tasteless but daughter bought a different brand home yesterday and tried it. She loves it and said I would as well. Just after 11 am here so I put two pieces in the toaster, buttered and my home...
  3. rascal

    Last of summer fruit

    Nearly end of Autumn/fall here, winter a month away, still picking second crop,of raspberries. Already made about three batches but these are the last, I've been freezing as I go. If you make your own jam you will know it's the best ever. Just berries and sugar 50/50 it's that simple. Here's my...
  4. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Fruit Flavoured Water Kefir

    Kefir or kephir, is a fermented milk drink similar to a thin yogurt that is made from kefir grains. The drink originated in the Caucasus, Eastern Europe and Russia, where it is prepared by inoculating cow, goat, or sheep milk with kefir grains, but being allergic to all things dairy, I have...
  5. K

    Avocados - That's A Lot of Guacamole!

    What do you do with/how do you serve your avocados? I like to fill them with tuna, crab or shrimp salad, avocado toast, or a strawberry, avocado salad with poppy seed dressing, to name a few. How about you? Recently came across these long-neck avocados, grown in Florida. That's a lot of Guac &...
  6. TastyReuben

    Recipe Summer Fruit Galette

    This encompasses two recipes; a good all-purpose pie dough, and then the galette using the pie dough. Foolproof Food Processor Pie Dough Makes one 8- or 9-inch pie crust Ingredients: 5 TB cold unsalted butter 1-1/4 (5-5/8oz) AP (plain) flour ½ tsp salt 2 TB granulated (caster) sugar 5 TB...
  7. Mountain Cat

    Twelve Favorite Fruits (at least today... ) ?

    Well, here I'm asking for a list of the twelve fruits respondents don't want to live without. Again, rather than ranking, I went alphabetical. Apples (the tart-er the better) Australian Finger Lime Avocado Blood Orange Figs (fresh, only - NOT dried!) Grapefruit Lemons Limes Pears...
  8. T

    Raspberrys and Blueberrys

    I am thinking of make a cake for the 4th of July, do blueberries and raspberries compliment each other? Or should I not have those 2 berries together in a dessert?
  9. Morning Glory

    Which Fruit Do You Use Most Often?

    A spin off from What Vegetable Do You Use Most Often?; which fruits do you use most often? I find this hard to answer as (its bad, I know) I don't eat a lot of fruit at all and when I do eat it, I tend to eat what's in season. Maybe I eat strawberries most often - but that is mainly to do with...
  10. J

    Freezer fruit breakfast burritos

    I was thinking of making some healthy breakfast burritos with fruit that I could just grab out of the freezer and take with me to work in the morning. I cant find any online recipes for frozen fruit breakfast burritos, only egg and meat burritos for freezing. I was thinking about using a flour...
  11. Morning Glory

    Wonky Fruit and Vegetables

    Morrison's supermarket have recently started doing on-line deliveries so I've been trialling them. I'm very impressed by the 'wonky fruit and veg' offerings. These are items normally rejected by supermarkets because of size or shape. I think some other supermarkets are also doing this. I've...
  12. Morning Glory

    How to get dried fruit evenly distributed?

    I've recently made two versions of Bara Brith (a yeasted fruit bread/tea loaf). Most recipes for yeasted fruit bread suggest adding the dried fruit after the first rising, which is what I did. This is really not very easy and I'm not happy with the result. Does anyone (@medtran49?) know how to...
  13. Morning Glory

    What is your favourite jam/conserve?

    Here I'm meaning sweet jam - the sort you spread on bread or perhaps use in a dessert or in a sandwich cake. I think in the US its called jelly sometimes. What is your favourite? I tend to vary but at at the moment I have a liking for plum jam. Its that lovely tartness. Strawberry, I think...
  14. Herbie

    Fruit in savoury dishes

    My husband is rather anti fruit in savoury dishes. He can't understand the fruit sauces served with mackerel and with roasted meat, for example, and was horrified at the thought of a prawn salad with mango, and apple in a Waldorf salad. I've pointed out to him he likes citrus with some...
  15. F

    Recipe Pitahaya or Dragon Fruit Rosa Cheese Mousse

    Explosive and dazzling dynamic cinematic color of papayas, mangos, pithayas and passion fruit, imported or grown upon our islands, have become very popular for the Christmas Season .. Here is a simple recipe which I found in an old old Spanish Magazine and shall be preparing to taste test...
  16. F

    Recipe Tropical Fruit Salad ..

    I just arrived home from the Barcelona, La Mercat Boqueria in the historic Bari Gotico neighborhood. Without forgetting the incredible aromas of jasmin coming from the Fruit Stall, I had purchased several Dragon Fruit, which we call Pitahaya in magenta red violet with red interiors and...
  17. Yorky

    Thai fruits (previously Purple Mangosteen)

    Mangosteen - มังคุด [mang-khud].
  18. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Tropical Ice Cream (Kiwi, Strawberries, and Coconut)

    Here's something to sprinkle that toasted sugar on, though it's very flavorful by itself. You'll be forgiven for thinking this looks like strawberry ice cream: the red of the strawberries bled through everything, and the green of the kiwi and (no surprise) white of the coconut got absorbed. To...
  19. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Pickling Dragon Fruit

    Dragon fruit is, quite simply, the supermodel of the jungle. It's absolutely much so that I almost regret cutting it open and pickling it. Almost. The inside of the dragon fruit tastes like a mild kiwi. This is a bit of a disappointment after seeing such a glorious exterior. I...
  20. C

    Recipe Cottage Cheese Fruit Smoothie

    Ingredients 1/2 C orange juice 1/2 C low fat cottage cheese 1 frozen banana 1 C frozen strawberries (any fruit will do) Directions Add all ingredients to a blender and puree until smooth. Add more juice or water to get desired consistency. Experiment with different fruits! Raspberries...
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