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11 Oct 2012
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I guess this will surprise few people here, but I don't have huge selection of tinned food in my cupboards.

I keep some good quality tinned tomatoes in, along with some baked beans and a handful of tins of pulses or beans, but not much. I also have tinned coconut cream and milk (but I've very careful with which brand because of additives, the brand I use is 100% coconut kernel for their coconut cream). I've a tin or 2 of young jack fruit, but that's about it for us. We keep a couple of tins of cheap tuna in for the chooks. They love tuna fish for some reason and it's a handy check on their health.
2 tins of fermented black beans have also joined the tinned selection, but below is all of the tins I keep in stock. Oddly we use more dried pulses & beans or frozen stuff than we do tinned.


I don't hoard tinned food (or jarred) but I do have a lot of dried legumes, grains, pasta and rice.

So what's your tinned/canned collection like?
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We’re about the same - mostly tomatoes and beans, and a couple of cans of condensed soup for convenience.

Here’s my entire collection:

Baked beans (Branston), soups (Campbell's and Heinz), tomato puree, whole tomatoes, button mushrooms - that's about it.

Although my wife occasionally buys sardines/pilchards.

I don't buy any tinned fruit. Generally far too sweet for me.
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I only got into tinned foods recently (apart from tin toms which are an essential) due to the inconsistent supply chain and panic buying during Covid meaning I couldn‘t rely on my groceries turning up and not wanting to venture to a germy supermarket.

So I’ve just discovered tin potatoes that taste dandy made into a Bombay potato or chucked in the slow cooker, casserole type affair. Ditto button mushrooms and black beans in chilli sauce.
I can’t get over thinking they’re inferior foods though as that’s the mentality here, plus they don’t stand up to being eaten on their own and compared to the fresh versions.
I've been trying to use up or clean out stuff, whether in pantry or freezer. So, we don't have many canned foods at the moment. I've had to cut down on use of tomatoes because Craig has to cut down on potassium rich foods so there might be 1 can of tomatoes in the pantry. We've got a jar of premium tuna filets in oil for a Nicoise salad or something similar. There's a can of coconut milk. There's a couple of condensed soup cans that are probably going to get thrown away because I have no idea how long they have been in there or why they were even bought because we don't eat what they are. And there is a jar of red curry paste.

I will be buying over the next few weeks some canned chicken, potatoes, corn and black beans because hurricane season will be here soon. After hurricane season is over, everything other than black beans will be donated to a food drive/bank.
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