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Rumpot (Rumtopf)
Makes maybe 2-3 gallons of rumpot, I’ve never really checked

2 pounds each of six fruits over six months, generally as they come into season. I usually go with:
1 pound of sugar (white or dark granulated) for the first fruit, about a half-pound for each subsequent fruit, for a total of 3.5 pounds, though this can be adjusted to your preference
Dark rum, at least a 750ml bottle, more as needed

Starting in June with the strawberries, hull and quarter them into a bowl and add the sugar. Allow to set for an hour, then place in your rumpot vessel and add enough rum to cover. Stir and put the lid on, then set in a cool, dark corner of the house.

For each month, prep a different fruit, add the sugar and macerating as above, then into the pot with the strawberries and rum, and top off with enough additional rum to cover.

Continue through November, ending with the pineapple. Set aside until December.

During the first week in December, unlid it, give it a good stir, then strain the fruit, saving the liquor.

The liquor makes a wonderful seasonal cordial, and the spiked fruit is excellent over ice cream, waffles, or pound cake, as well as with poultry or game. Be warned, it’s boozy, so keep the kids out of it.


NOTES: Above are the fruits I use, and in the order I use them. It’s traditional to start with strawberries and end with pineapple, but most fruits will do, with the exception of bananas (they get slimy) and blueberries (they turn the whole thing grey).

You can also toss in some cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, things like that, but I never do. When I was talking with the Germans who gave me this recipe, they argued about whether spices should be added or not, and the louder ones said, “NEIN!!!”

Makes a great homemade gift, too.

Recipe from some Germans in our German heritage club.

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Just make sure you use proper rum
Curious, isn't it? Austrians making rum, Brits making rum (Captain Morgan) and there's not a sugar cane in sight across Northern Europe :laugh: :laugh:
Venezuelan rum has to be matured for a minimum of 2 years, in the same barrels. Despite the total and complete ineptness of our government departments, the ONE thing that actually works is the process of making rum. Rum distilleries are regularly audited and any barrel which has been tampered with is only allowed to be sold as "triple filtrado" (filtered three times). Venezuelan rum is made from pure cane sugar and no additives. The "angel's share" (ie. the natural evaporation) is around 8% - waaaay above Scotch Whisky (about 2-3%) and
bourbon (3-5%).
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