1. Burt Blank

    Gardening Quiz What the F is that.

    I grew this outdoors in North Wales. It is a very interesting plant. Well I thought so !!!! The answer may shock some of you. The two yellow dots are its first flowers What is it's name ?
  2. rascal

    Garden sheds.. Do you have one?

    We are lucky we have a reasonable size garden, it has a shed out the back where my wife keeps all her seeds and garden stuff. It's about 9ft square.? Pic to follow. Anyhow when it's summer she's always In there doing stuff. I told her I would get it wired for power and light. It's not urgent so...
  3. LadyBelle

    Novice Gardener

    For the first time I’m growing vegetables. This is more an attempt to manage my stress levels and auto immune disorder than anything else. I’m ridiculous excited about my potatoes - which seem to be growing!
  4. ElizabethB

    Tell me about your gardening methods

    I just visited this forum for the first time. I was wondering why I did not hear discussions of gardening from such wonderful cooks - especially since you all like to cook with fresh produce. What are your gardening practices? Do you row garden, container garden, indoor garden? I have...
  5. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    What have you grown in your veg plot or garden this year?

    I'm just at the start of the growing season here in the South east of Australia. I'm at an altitude of 800m so things are about a month behind many other areas such as Canberra (the capital of Australia). I've just sown the first round of runner beans, borlotti beans, peas, onions, garlic...
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