Garden sheds.. Do you have one?


18 Mar 2018
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Christchurch New Zealand
We are lucky we have a reasonable size garden, it has a shed out the back where my wife keeps all her seeds and garden stuff. It's about 9ft square.? Pic to follow. Anyhow when it's summer she's always In there doing stuff. I told her I would get it wired for power and light. It's not urgent so it's taken about 9 months. The cable between the garage and shed has been dug and buried, (by law) and all hooked up in the shed. Just need wiring done in the garage to finish. Waiting on the sparky, then she can dehydrate stuff in there as well.
Do you have a shed?? I'm picking sat nav has??



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11 Oct 2012
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A Pom in NSW, Aus
Yeh, we've got a few. I've designated one ad tbe log shed though in summer it's empty of wood and used for other things. Then the garage (2 cars wide, 2 cars long typical aussie thing but not tall enough to get my landcruiser in! ) then there's the back up chicken coop the size of a wooden shed and quite long... then there's the chick coop or small animal cage (supposedly a 2 bird chicken coop but way too small even for 1) and finally a rather large tin shed that's the garden shed. There's no natural light in it sadly unlike the log shed, an identical tin shed but someone fitted a window to it. The garden shed and log shed don't have electricity but if they need it temporarily I just run a long waterproof outdoor extension lead into it for a while... is mostly used to store things in that don't get frequent use. Stuff used frequently and seeds stre stored in the mud room.
The general aussie approach to needing more space is just to add another shed whatever size you need...
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