1. Morning Glory

    Burns Night

    Tonight is Burn's night! Anyone for haggis? Traditionally a Burns night supper is haggis, neeps and tatties. But you could start with a classic cullen skink (soup) and maybe finosh with a clootie dumpling.
  2. ScandiBrit

    Cooking haggis in slices for breakfast

    Hi I have some yummy haggis which I want to slice and cook for breakfast, but experience shows when I slice it then try frying it, it crumbles up. Anyone with some tips please? Thanks Richard
  3. Morning Glory

    Burns Night - 25th January

    Every year on 25 January, Scotland raises a glass in patriotic celebration of national bard, Robert Burns. If you’re attending a traditional party, expect poetry readings, dancing and even the odd toot of piped music, but central to the revelry is a hearty supper. Traditionally the supper...
  4. epicuric

    Haggis and other Scottish Foods

    Mod.edit: posts moved to start a new thread Also, you can't go to Scotland without trying haggis and chips!
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