1. SandwichShortOfAPicnic

    The Health Channel

    A thread to post about you or your friends and family's health because sometimes it's nice to be able just say these things out loud without feeling like you're being a downer! So if your left hip is being a b*tch today or Uncle Monty is having a knee replacement then stick it here and let rip...
  2. Windigo

    Appetite stimulants ( what to eat when you're ill)

    Dear cookingbites family, As you know I've been unwell recently, and eating enough has become more and more of a challenge. This may not seem that way from the food I post , but that's usually my main meal or even only meal of the day. I've been diagnosed as clinically malnourished as well...
  3. Windigo

    Your mental health

    I recently felt up & down as frequently as a rollercoaster, since being in the ICU. It's normal to feel that way after being in a life threatening situation, so I am patiënt with myself. I meditate and use prescribed medication to keep calm when needed. So what do you all do when you're...
  4. garlichead

    Less than 7% of the U.S. adult population has good metabolic health

    Only 7% of American Adults Have Good Cardiometabolic Health “We need to shift the conversation, because disease is not the only problem,” O’Hearn said. “We don’t just want to be free of disease. We want to achieve optimal health and well-being.” I remember this being around 12% just a few years...
  5. mjd

    10 Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Heart Health

    I have advanced arthritis and degenerative disk disease so I'm always looking for more natural ways versus just popping some pills (that cause their own damage). Thought maybe some of you would find this helpful as well. 10 Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Heart Health 10 Best...
  6. Covid19 Safety Masks

    Covid19 Safety Masks

    Covid19 Safety Masks
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