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    The Great British Home Brew Challenge 2017

    Do you fancy yourself as a good home brewer? Thornbridge Brewery, Waitrose and Brew UK are looking for the best home brewed beer in the UK. The winning entry will see their beer produced by Thornbridge, one of the UK’s leading craft breweries, and sold across the country in Waitrose stores...
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    Recipe Home Brew Guinness

    Ingredients needed for your Home Brew Guinness: (Making two 2 litre bottles of Home Brew Guinness) You will need: – Light Malt Extract (500g) – Roasted Barley (110g) – Flaked Barley (85g) – Carapils (Dextrine) (85g) – Northern Brewer Hops (10g) – East Kent Goldings Hops (10g) – Brewing Yeast...
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    Brewing your own dark ale or stout

    My question is quite simple, how? I don't want pale ale or lager etc, I want stout (not milk stout) and or dark ales. I've never brewed anything before but have reached the very definite conclusion that our new home for the next 3-4 years lacks decent dark ale and stouts which is really all I...
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