ice cream

  1. SandwichShortOfAPicnic

    Recipe Instant Mango Ice cream

    This has a wonderfully fresh taste. I've put it in the Free From thread because I used coconut yoghurt and it worked very well. Cheap, easy, instant, dairy free ice cream that does not taste, cheap, easy or dairy free! It also doesn't need any extra sugar (there's a small amount from the slice...
  2. GadgetGuy

    Summer is Here!!! Who has an Ice Cream Maker?!!

    Summer is here!! Which means that there will be some really hot days ahead!! We'll be looking to sit in the shade. The kids will be wanting something cold to eat or drink. They'll mainly want a frozen treat, mainly ice cream!! And speaking of which, who has an ice cream maker?!! Mine is...
  3. kaneohegirlinaz

    Recipe Carrot Cake No Churn Ice Cream

    This tastes just like Carrot Cake and Ice Cream combined, I kid you not! I give you my riff on a recipe from Chef John at All Carrot Cake No Churn Ice Cream serves 8 Ingredients: 2 Tbsp. Unsalted Butter 1 1/4 C. finely shredded Carrots 1/3 C. Brown Sugar (I used light brown `cuz...
  4. AgileMJOLNIR

    Recipe Brown Sugar Cookie Dough Ice Cream

    This is a favorite ice cream of mine - A cream cheese/half and half base loaded with Brown sugar cookie dough along with chocolate covered waffle cone pieces. I’ve mentioned before that ice cream is my weakness and I could definitely eat a pint of this in one sitting :) INGREDIENTS For the...
  5. kaneohegirlinaz

    Recipe Cannoli Ice Cream Cake

    Cannoli Ice Cream Cake Yields 12 or 6 (depending) Ingredients: 3 Almond Biscotti Cookies 2 Tbsp. Butter, melted 4 C. good quality Vanilla Ice Cream 1 C. whole milk Ricotta cheese (low fat will get crystallized when frozen… you want a creamy end result… throw calories to the wind this time)...
  6. AgileMJOLNIR

    Caramel Raspberry Ice Cream

    I made a nice Toasted White Chocolate Chip and caramel ice cream with some homemade Raspberry jam swirled around. Ice cream is my absolute weakness when it comes to sweets. I can do without cakes and pies but ice cream, nope never! :)
  7. Morning Glory

    Recipe Sherry berry gelato

    No ice-cream machine? No problem. This is a two step recipe: mix all the ingredients together then freeze. The alcohol prevents ice crystals forming in the cream. I used two mini loaf tins to make enough for two to three portions. You could easily scale this recipe up for more. Ingredients...
  8. Heath Toffee Bar Ice Cream

    Heath Toffee Bar Ice Cream

    Heath Toffee Bar Ice Cream
  9. Toffee Ice Cream

    Toffee Ice Cream

    Toffee Ice Cream
  10. TastyReuben

    Recipe Ice Cream & Beer Bananas

    Ice Cream & Beer Bananas Serves 3-4 Ingredients 3 bananas, ripe but still firm 2 TB butter 1/2 cup dark brown sugar, packed 1/4 cup dark beer, preferably chocolate stout 1 pint dulce de leche or vanilla ice cream 1/2 cup peanuts, chopped Directions Peel the bananas and slice them into...
  11. Toffee Ice Cream Ingredients

    Toffee Ice Cream Ingredients

    Toffee Ice Cream Ingredients
  12. Hemulen

    Recipe Quick & easy chocolate ice cream

    Quick & easy chocolate ice cream Serves 6-8 | Preparation 20-25 min, freezing time 4+ hours This no churn ice cream is rich and velvety and needs just a blender or mixer and a few hours in the freezer to be completed. I don’t like the extra sweet and heavy composition of condensed milk which...
  13. Vanilla Ice Cream

    Vanilla Ice Cream

    Vanilla Ice Cream
  14. Pistachio Ice Cream

    Pistachio Ice Cream

    Pistachio Ice Cream
  15. Coffee Ice Cream

    Coffee Ice Cream

    Coffee Ice Cream
  16. Vanilla Swiss Almond Ice Cream

    Vanilla Swiss Almond Ice Cream

    Vanilla Swiss Almond Ice Cream
  17. medtran49

    Recipe Cheddar Apple Pie Ice Cream

    Makes 4 smallish servings, about 2 scoops each. Recipe can be increased easily. I just didn't want to make too much since I'd never made anything like this before. It tastes exactly like its name. 3/4 cup heavy whipping cream 3/4 cup half and half 3/8 cup sugar Pinch salt 3 large egg yolks...
  18. JAS_OH1

    Recipe Turmeric Ice Cream Cups

    I was craving a little something sweet tonight, but not too sweet...this turned out to be just right. Awhile back I had bought these dark chocolate dessert cups that hold about 1 oz of whatever. Tonight, I mixed vanilla ice cream, turmeric, almond butter and cinnamon together in a bowl, then...
  19. CraigC

    Recipe Apple Strudel with Burnt Carmel Ice Cream

    Ingredients 3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter, divided 6 Granny Smith apples (about 3 pounds), peeled, cored, chopped (can sub other apples) 1/2 cup plus 11 tablespoons sugar 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup raisins 1 1/4 cups walnuts, toasted; 1/4 cup coarsely chopped, 1 cup finely chopped 6...
  20. Hemulen

    Recipe Juniper berry ice cream

    Juniper berry ice cream Preparation time: 10-15 minutes Freezing time: 6 hours 400 g sweetened, condensed milk 4 dl double cream 1 teaspoon of juniper berries, crushed in mortar zest of 2 limes 2 tablespoons of lemon liqueur (Limoncello) a pinch of salt Ha-ha. I added a few juniper berries +...
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