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  1. Pistachio Ice Cream

    Pistachio Ice Cream

    Pistachio Ice Cream
  2. Coffee Ice Cream

    Coffee Ice Cream

    Coffee Ice Cream
  3. Vanilla Swiss Almond Ice Cream

    Vanilla Swiss Almond Ice Cream

    Vanilla Swiss Almond Ice Cream
  4. medtran49

    Recipe Cheddar Apple Pie Ice Cream

    Makes 4 smallish servings, about 2 scoops each. Recipe can be increased easily. I just didn't want to make too much since I'd never made anything like this before. It tastes exactly like its name. 3/4 cup heavy whipping cream 3/4 cup half and half 3/8 cup sugar Pinch salt 3 large egg yolks...
  5. JAS_OH1

    Recipe Turmeric Ice Cream Cups

    I was craving a little something sweet tonight, but not too sweet...this turned out to be just right. Awhile back I had bought these dark chocolate dessert cups that hold about 1 oz of whatever. Tonight, I mixed vanilla ice cream, turmeric, almond butter and cinnamon together in a bowl, then...
  6. CraigC

    Recipe Apple Strudel with Burnt Carmel Ice Cream

    Ingredients 3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter, divided 6 Granny Smith apples (about 3 pounds), peeled, cored, chopped (can sub other apples) 1/2 cup plus 11 tablespoons sugar 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup raisins 1 1/4 cups walnuts, toasted; 1/4 cup coarsely chopped, 1 cup finely chopped 6...
  7. Hemulen

    Recipe Juniper berry ice cream

    Juniper berry ice cream Preparation time: 10-15 minutes Freezing time: 6 hours 400 g sweetened, condensed milk 4 dl double cream 1 teaspoon of juniper berries, crushed in mortar zest of 2 limes 2 tablespoons of lemon liqueur (Limoncello) a pinch of salt Ha-ha. I added a few juniper berries +...
  8. LissaC

    Recipe Strawberry ice cream with meringue cookies and strawberry syrup

    Another ice cream creation of my own. Strawberry meringue ice cream is an ice cream flavor sold by a popular ice cream brand and it's one of my favorites. I tried to recreate it at home with less sugar and fresh ingredients. On top of that, I still had 6 egg whites in the freezer from making ice...
  9. LissaC

    Recipe Coconut raspberry ice cream

    One of the reasons I wanted to delve into cooking is to deal with my sugar addiction. I love sweets. Cooking my own sweets allows me to control how much sugar I eat. So I got on this quest of trying to make creamy, less sugar-y ice cream at home, lactose free if possible. This ice-cream ticks...
  10. R

    Ice cream not having constant texture

    So I made chocolate ice cream by blending 5 bananas and adding 3 spoons of Nutella. The taste is fine but when I left it in freezer for a night it got so hard I couldn't eveb break it. After that I left it in fridhe for a couple hours and it got liquid back again. Any solution or tips for this?
  11. LissaC

    Recipe Lemon pie ice cream

    This recipe is one of my personal favorites. I try not to cook it often because I eat it all in one sitting. - 2 egg yolks - 125 ml lemon juice - zest of one lemon - 1 can evaporated milk (you can also use condensed milk which will make the ice cream sweeter) - 250 heavy cream - 125 milk - 3...
  12. epicuric

    Alternative ice cream

    First experimentation with the ice cream maker my wife bought for me recently. I wanted to try something different, and a bit healthier than regular ice cream, so I started playing around with unsweetened almond milk, approximate quantities: 400ml unsweetened almond milk 1 tbsp carob syrup 1/2...
  13. Cinnamonita

    Recipe & Video 5 EASY No Churn Ice Cream Recipes

    The thrumming heat of summer is scheduled to return in a few days, and these five silky ice cream recipes are the perfect treat for cooling down. My friends know I adore making custard-based ice cream recipes, but not everyone has an ice cream maker, and that’s not the only way to make delicious...
  14. WhatsCookingMama

    Vegan Ice Cream

    I recently went to an ice cream tasting. The hosts focused on non dairy versions. Who knew avocado ice cream was so delicious!? Also cashew milk ice cream with ribbons on salted caramel thru out. I picked up this cookbook called the Vegan Scoop by Wheeler Del Torro. I have been impressed with...
  15. WhatsCookingMama

    Recipe Homemade Ice Cream

    Here's another round of vanilla ice cream. I'm developing a recipe that uses whole container amounts of ingredients. I save my dehydrated vanilla beans from making vanilla bean sugar. I cook the cream with a bean. The bean stays with the mixture until chilled. It all gets strained prior to...
  16. K

    Ice Cream - Your Favorite Flavor?

    I LOVE ice cream. It's Summertime here, and the weather is hot, hot, hot. All the more reason for a cold treat. :) Today, on the News, I see it's National Mustard Day, and they're featuring mustard ice cream topped with crushed pretzles. Hmmm. The Gilroy Garlic Festival has garlic ice cream...
  17. Herbie

    Ice cream (I scream)

    What do you like? Do you make your own? Prefer sorbet? I make vegan ice cream using blitzed frozen slices of banana and sometimes adding peanut butter or topping with melted dark chocolate. There are lots of vegan icecream available norw but tend to be very expensive but have bought a salted...
  18. Morning Glory

    Recipe Dijon Mustard & Tarragon Ice Cream

    Mustard ice-cream might sound a bit strange but well… someone had to do it. Dijon, which is after all quite a sweet mustard, is intended to add a tang to the ice-cream which compliments the anise tarragon flavour. The basic ice cream recipe is a kulfi (an Indian ice-cream) and the great thing...
  19. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe No Churn Banana Cherry Ice Cream

    I am always looking for healthier alternatives to things, so this method caught my eye. And, when @morning glory commented about a recipe being a no churn recipe, I decided to make this one that anyone could do. The only equipment you need is a blender. And, fitting with my desire to lighten...
  20. timmyc

    Vanilla Ice Cream

    I have a simple recipe i would like to share, this will be relevant if you have an ice cream machine. 300 Grams of condensed milk. 600 ML of thickened cream. A splash of vanilla essence. Churn for 40 minutes and freeze.
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