1. Lullabelle

    Your private life should stay away from work.

    I know I chat a lot on here but there private things happening in my life and I prefer to keep it that way just as you most likely have things going on that you don't want to share. Working in an office I find that others are only too happy to over share, 3 mums complain about their kids...
  2. The Late Night Gourmet

    Life Skills for kids aged 2 - 15

    I certainly didn't make this list, but I found it interesting. I found it on that source of truth called "pinterest", but you can certainly make up your own mind about them, regardless of the source. Now. I'm trying to recall if I had the skills listed below at these ages. I'm not sure if I was...
  3. Lullabelle

    Which records have had an impact on your life

    Even after all these years I never tire of this classic View:
  4. Elawin

    Ten cooking hacks you need in your life

    This is an article on the BBC Radio 4 website 1. Use a wooden chopping board 2. Don't bother peeling your mushrooms 3. Salted or unsalted butter? It doesn't matter 4. Use fresh yeast when baking...
  5. C

    "Interesting And Exciting Life" Swap Anyone?

    Because of a post made elsewhere on here Born with epilepsy. First three months spent in hospital, of which at least the first six weeks were spent without a name. Doctors clearly marked my medical records, "it". All references are made with no name, just "it". "Mr and Mrs ........... should...
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