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  1. Tasteofspain_uk

    Recipe Mediterranean oven baked Sea Bream

    On Saturday we headed to our local fish market an came back with a basket full of good stuff. We bought two Sea Breams (in Spain are known as Dorada) and cooked it following the classic Mediterranean recipe. Easy and tremendously tasty. See below. INGREDIENTS (serves 2): Two Sea Breams Two...
  2. Mediterranean-Flavoured puff pastry tart.jpg

    Mediterranean-Flavoured puff pastry tart.jpg

  3. F

    Recipe Sautéed & Flambéed Mediterranean Prawns

    Berrue Blanc, the classic French Butter of 82% Fat Content is the key ingredient for this recipe however, a "French Style Butter" shall work .. This is a very versatile récipe as one can add herbs of choice and spices of choice .. Here are the ingredients to a simple prawn dish that...
  4. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Chickpea Salad

    Chickpea Salad This is a rich and powerful salad which can form the main course of a cold summer lunch. It is also best made the previous day and allowed to mature. Plus it is best made with freshly cooked (slightly overdone) chickpeas. Tinned just don't it any justice. Cook the chickpeas in...
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