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  3. Windigo

    Recipe Burnt caramel mince pastries

    I credit Burt Blank for this post. :laugh: What you need: 1 whole baking tray sized sheet puff pastry 1 350 g jar mince meat (you know, the fruity type) Powdered sugar & powdered aniseed (mixed) Beaten egg in a cup Bad folding skills 1) Heat the oven to 200 celcius upper and lower heat. Put...
  4. Morning Glory

    Recipe Christmas Mince Pies (Vegan)

    Mincemeat isn't a 'set' recipe. Its basically dried fruits steeped in alcohol (or fruit juice) with suet and often grated apple added. Its simple enough to make it vegan by using vegetable suet which is easily available in the UK. Indeed most jars of ready-made mincemeat seem to be vegan these...
  5. Morning Glory

    Recipe Mince pies

    I was going to make some mince pies for Christmas in any case - but in another thread the idea of making them without apple was raised. See Very restricted diet Mincemeat for Mince Pie. So - I thought I'd just leave apples out and see what happened. Really, you wouldn't taste the difference if...
  6. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Very restricted diet Mincemeat for Mince Pies

    I've got a friend with some really interesting dietary restrictions that mean she is having to make her own mincemeat for mince pies this Christmas. By her own admission she's not a natural cook, so switching out some ingredients with other's does not come naturally for her. she's after a...
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