1. stuey48

    Ideas for monkfish please

    Hi Guys I'm looking for ideas. This is my first post. I like to buy monkfish fillets and wrap them in parma ham. They're delicious, but I'm looking for a sauce or puree to have with it. Butternut squash puree wasn't great, romesco sauce was better, but didn't go brilliantly with the parma ham...
  2. Morning Glory

    Recipe Char-grilled monkfish with confit duck, red and yellow peppers and red wine sauce

    I am reluctant to post this recipe as I managed to mess it up. But I made this for The Cookbook Game #3 so the rules state I must post the recipe. It is a good recipe if you are confident and experienced enough to do it! But I'd recommend practising making roulades first with less expensive...
  3. Sandra

    Recipe Monkfish with black beluga lentils

    I really like the combination of legumes with fish. Ingredients: 300 gr black beluga lentils (in Italy they are called beluga because they are black and shiny like caviar) 2 table spoons chopped carrots, celery and onion 800 – 1000 gr vegetable broth 800 gr monkfish 1 clove of garlic rosemary...
  4. epicuric

    Monkfish cheeks

    Impulse buy at the fishmongers today, what do I do with them? Was thinking deep fried in tempura batter with a lemon mayo but they seem a bit skinny for that. Any suggestions?
  5. Mucchina

    Recipe Carbonara monkfish and prawns' skewer

    my first recipe post, what an emotion XD I made morsels with the monkfish tail, wrap it and the cleaned pranws in bacon, then I covered by grated bread and parmesan, parsley, black pepper, salt and put it in oven I served with a egg yolk cream (in a pot I boil milk, then turn off the fire and...
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