1. MaximumSam

    Good morning!

    Was looking for a cooking community!
  2. JAS_OH1

    Coffee, tea, something else?

    I once was not a coffee drinker and only drank hot tea in the morning. Later in life I started drinking coffee and didn't drink tea very often. Then I went through a phase where I would alternate between a cup of coffee most days but on days where I was hungover or otherwise not feeling good...
  3. Dive Bar Casanova

    Last Warm Morning of the year,,, a Puppaccino run.

    Winter is setting in this weekend. Warm sunrise outside temp today predicted to drop over the next few days. Snow in the mountains too. Dog waits by the front window for the nurse wife to roll up from working all night. Dog wants nothing to do with anyone until then. But,, if I say Puppuccino...
  4. Morning Sky.jpeg

    Morning Sky.jpeg

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