1. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Pickled Ginger

    There aren't many times when I need to have a food item, but this was one of those times. When I have sushi, I need to have pickled ginger. The ginger that came with the sushi (excellent, purchased from a high end specialty market) wasn't enough. This recipe comes together quickly, but the...
  2. medtran49

    Recipe Pickled shrimp and vegetables

    I put a half recipe of this together for dinner for me and Craig tomorrow. It's a nice, cool, light dinner for hot summer days. The original recipe was from ATK, but I wanted vegetables besides red onions, plus I like fennel fronds better than dill. Serves 4 2 pounds U-15 shrimp in shell 1...
  3. karadekoolaid

    Recipe Pickled tomatoes

    Ingredients: 1 kg tomatoes, preferably green 1 medium onion 4 cloves garlic (one for each 500cc jar) 1 tsp salt (per jar) 1 tsp peppercorns (black, white, red, green) per jar 1 tbsp sugar per jar 500 mls white vinegar 500 mls white wine vinegar few sprigs of oregano few basil leaves Method...
  4. msmofet

    Recipe Pickled Jalapeños

    Pickled Jalapeños 1 (1 Pt.) Wide Mouth Mason Jar 1 C. white vinegar 1 C. water 3 cloves garlic smashed 2 TBSP. sugar 1 TBSP. salt 4 - 5 jalapeño peppers thinly sliced Combine the vinegar, water, garlic, sugar, and salt in a medium pot and bring to a boil. Add jalapeño slices, stir, and remove...
  5. kaneohegirlinaz

    ISO Dilly Bean Recipe That's Not Too Sour

    My Mother just loves Dilly Beans, and I've attempted several different recipes that all come out WAY to sour. We use to be able to buy commercially canned Dilly Beans, but haven't seen them in many, many years. Does any one have a good recipe that is not sour.
  6. Ramana

    Recipe Pickled Onions

    Pickled Onions (Ginger, Vinegar & Green Chilies) You will find them in any Indian restaurants you visit. They are served as an accompaniment to main course Indian meal. The pink color and tanginess makes them even tastier. These onions are small in size and are completely soaked in vinegar along...
  7. Hemulen

    Recipe Vegan Black Currant Pickled Herring Substitute

    Vegan Black Currant Pickled Herring Substitute Serves 4-6 as a snack | Cooking time 3.5-4.5 h (preparation & oven-bake 1.5 h, marinating 2-3 h) This is a sweet, sour & savory snack or side dish. It resembles pickled herring which is often served with boiled potatoes (among gravlax, roe, aspic...
  8. karadekoolaid

    Pickled Ginger

    The ginger I grow in the garden is magnificent; soft earth and lots of rain this year have made it grow beautifully. It´s stem ginger, from what I understand ( quick look in the www!) and is very fragrant. The skin is paper-thin and peels off with a thumbnail, and the roots are tinged with pink...
  9. TastyReuben

    Recipe Pickled Beets And Eggs

    Pickled Beets And Eggs Makes 4 servings Ingredients 4 small red beets (about 3/4 pound), scrubbed 1 cup raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar 1 cup water 3 garlic cloves, crushed 3 tablespoons sugar 2 teaspoons whole black peppercorns 1 tablespoon kosher salt 1 small red onion, cut into thin...
  10. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Turmeric Pickled Onions

    We all learned in school that blending two colors creates a new color. If you've ever made pickled red onions, you know that the skin bleeds into the rest of the mixture, creating a nice magenta sort of color. Add in the yellow of turmeric, and you get - say it with me class - orange. Or, an...
  11. rascal

    Anyone for pickled pork

    With Apple sauce. It's a treat and I cook it Xmas day, there would be a riot here if I didn't serve it. It's a piece of rolled pork, normally the boned out loin, skin on. I havnt looked it up but I'll txt my butcher for what it is injected with. I will slow boil for 3 hours, it just melts in the...
  12. Hemulen

    Recipe Pickled Black Salsify/Vegan Pickled Herring Substitute

    Pickled Black Salsify/Vegan Pickled Herring Substitute Serves 3-4 | Preparation, cooking & marinating time ~1 hour 30 minutes Ingredients 300 g black salsifies 800 g coarse sea salt Marinade 5 tablespoons evoo 1-2 teaspoons salt (to taste) 2-3 teaspoons sugar (to taste) Zest and juice of 1...
  13. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Southern Style Pickled Shrimp

    Southern Style Pickled Shrimp (or Prawns): Pickled shrimp, ready for the fridge. This recipe is based, with some changes, from: Southern Style Pickled Shrimp, which is found at the Kitchn website. I subbed pearl onions in for Vidalia (I had the former dying to be used), and EVOO for...
  14. Morning Glory

    Recipe Tabbouleh with Egg and Pickled Lemon

    A no cook recipe! Many recipes for Tabbouleh use a lot more parsley (or parsley/mint) than I have, often in a ratio of double the weight of herbs to the weight of dry bulgur. Personally. I prefer rather more grain but you can vary this to your taste. The dill adds a lovely fragrance here. I used...
  15. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Pickled Beets

    I’ve never been a fan of overly sweet pickled beets. The only kind I like less are the bland, tasteless ones I usually get on Greek salads served by less authentic restaurants around here. I’m surprised by how many beet pickling recipes call for massive amounts of sugar. They apparently don’t...
  16. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Pickled Ginger

    My daughter bought sushi from Kroger (which always serves up good sushi) a few days ago, and - as she always does when I'm not quick enough to stop her - threw away the pickled ginger. I love pickled ginger, so I had a little chat with her about it. She won't throw away the pickled ginger again...
  17. 18 Curried Pickled Eggs

    18 Curried Pickled Eggs

  18. medtran49


    Do you like beets? If so, how do you like them prepared? I just got done roasting and pickling 3 beet roots with sliced red onion for a German charceuterie board next week. ETA: I can't believe it. Jar is only just over half full and I didn't put it in a water bath, just poured the boiling...
  19. 20 beetroot pickled hard boiled eggs (in the making)

    20 beetroot pickled hard boiled eggs (in the making)

  20. Morning Glory

    Recipe Orzo Salad with Broad Beans, Preserved Lemon & Tarragon

    This pasta salad is perfectly portable with no danger of the pasta going ‘clumpy’. The aromatic tarragon adds a twist of anise flavour to the earthy taste of broad beans. The preserved lemon and lots of lemon zest keeps this salad feeling fresh and lively. Adding a few chilli flakes looks pretty...
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