plating up

  1. Cinnamonita

    Recipe Seared Scallops & Pea Purée - a perfect appetizer

    Hello, hello! I'm a recent addition to this community, and I wanted to share a recipe I made for an elegant, healthy and fabulously tasty appetizer. It involves large succulent scallops, an aromatic pea purée, asparagus spears and baby potatoes. Ingredients 12 Large scallops 12 Asparagus...
  2. Morning Glory

    How important is food plating and the visual appeal of a dish?

    To me, the good plating and visual appeal of a dish is as important as the taste. Well almost... I obviously eat things sometimes (like a bowl of porridge) which don't exactly look amazing. But generally and especially when I'm developing a recipe, the visual appearance is extremely important. I...
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