1. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Vegan casein & whey protein has now been made

    I know for most people/vegans this will be good news, but I'm not so certain for the obvious implications for those allergic to dairy, but it is now possible to make casein and whey protein (two of the dairy proteins) artificially so vegan cheeses will in time become much closer to dairy...
  2. flyinglentris

    Figs and Protein From A Dead Wasp

    Here's a big hubub about the dead wasps you get to eat with your figs. It's just plain stupid to worry about avoiding delicious figs because of this one truth about them. But read the article. It sheds some light on types of figs, especially the strangler figs.
  3. ABC123


    I have heard nuts are a good go to protein to help with hunger. However, I have also heard that they have a lot of fat. Well I don' t want to gain weight nor retain weight. Yet, I enjoy nuts and prefer them over bread and deli meat for lunch. In comparison which is better nuts or a deli meat...
  4. angelicagapit

    Favorite Healthy, Protein-Based meals?

    What's your favorite healthy, protein-based meal to eat? Be specific with your favorite chicken, lean beef, turkey dishes, etc. And do you prefer them boiled, grilled, or fried? Share with us what your favorites are and recipes if you'd like as well.
  5. Mockingbird

    Getting Enough Protein- when you don't eat meat

    I have been grappling with a problem for a few months now and I hope that maybe someone here might have an answer. I started weight training back in June and one of the things that came up was the level of protein in my diet. Overall I have a great diet, the problem is I don't eat meat so my...
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