1. medtran49

    Cream cheese products recall

    Aldi and Hy-vee are involved in a recall of some cream cheese products. Cream cheese recall
  2. Elawin

    Recall - Tesco, Aldi and Nisa pastries

    Supermarkets Tesco, Aldi and Nisa are recalling a number of pastry products over fears they may contain metal wire. The retailers, along with brands Walls and Millers, have products made for them by Addo Food Group, at six locations around the UK. Own-brand pies, sausage rolls and pasties with...
  3. C

    Russel Hume Meat Recall

    The Food Standards Agency(FSA) has stopped any meat leaving their factory, due to "processes around their Use By Dates". On Wednesday, the agency said it had found instances of "serious non-compliance" with food hygiene regulations across Russell Hume's business. Customers include schools and...
  4. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    [AUS] - Woolworths pork, lamb and beef mince recalled

    OK - this isn't going to affect anyone on here - I'm not aware of any members who are in this area, but all the same, I think food safety and recall notices should be posted online especially when metal fragments are involved...
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