1. Morning Glory

    The CookingBites Cookalong: Pasta Carbonara

    The concept of the CookingBites Cookalong is to cook 'classic’ or regional recipes and/or practice specific techniques. Its similar in concept but rather more specific than 'Dish of the Month'. This time round the chosen dish is Pasta Carbonara. This dish can be made in its classic form or you...
  2. The Late Night Gourmet

    Regional Word Usage

    I'm sure that this sort of thing is true everywhere in the world: different parts of the country have different terms for the same thing. This one is particular to the States: I've lived in several parts of the country, so my usage is...
  3. CraigC

    Regional Sandwiches From Around The World

    Have you tried/made regional specific sandwiches? What cultures brought their sandwiches with them as immigrants that have now been adopted where you live, even if local ingredients are used? We love Cuban sandwiches and Media Noches. Muffuletta sandwiches from NOLA, a contribution from the...
  4. epicuric

    Haggis and other Scottish Foods

    Mod.edit: posts moved to start a new thread Also, you can't go to Scotland without trying haggis and chips!
  5. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Traditional Staffordshire Oatcakes

    So, what's the difference between a Staffordshire oatcake, a Derbyshire oatcake and a Scottish oatcake? The easy one first. An oatcake to this lass, born in Glasgow and raised in the Potteries is that it is a large flat yeast and oatmeal replacement for a pancake, originally designed to...
  6. alexander

    Your favourite regional cooking

    We went to a Greek restaurant tonight. I liked it so much as I hadn't had Greek food for a while. I mean to get down to cooking some Greek recipes soon. Generally I'm into European food, having travelled a bit and eaten so many great dishes in humble restaurants. It would be interesting to know...
  7. Caribbean girl

    Popular local drinks

    What are the most popular local cold beverages in your country? I am not referring to sodas or alcoholic drinks. In my country, the most popular cold beverages are lemonade, ginger beer, mauby and sorrel. Most people would be familiar with lemonade, ginger beer and sorrel, but mauby is a...
  8. Morning Glory

    Recipe Parkin with Whisky

    Ingredients: 200ml of vegetable oil of your choice 250g brown caster sugar 3 large eggs 150g black treacle (molasses) 200ml strong black tea 4 tbsp whisky (my choice is Laphroaig :D) A small thumb of fresh ginger, peeled and finely grated 2 tbsp of ground ginger 150g oatmeal 300g self-raising...
  9. Bakemehappy

    Regional Fried Rice

    I am looking for a fried rice recipe from different parts of the world. Do you guys have a secret recipe or a traditional fried rice recipe that you can be proud of? My friends are coming over for the weekend and they want to go regional so I thought I may want to surprise them with a Chinese...
  10. SatNavSaysStraightOn


    Does anyone have an tried and trusted recipes for traditional parkin? I am looking for a nice gingery sticky one please that includes both oatmeal & treacle/black molasses. I ask because we used to buy some wonderful parkin from the lake district from one particular shop which stocked it. they...
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