1. GadgetGuy

    Cattlemen's Cowboy Rub.

    I've decided to get some of THIS.Cattlemen's Cowboy Rub. It's new! It is said to be good for low & slow cooking. I LOVE to cook low & slow!! Doing it this way makes all the flavors explode in your mouth & brings out that real down-home taste that you sometimes long for!! Puts your way of cooking...
  2. C

    Recipe Baby Back Ribs with Dark Chocolate Rub and Dark Chocolate BBQ Sauce

    Baby Back Ribs with Dark Chocolate Rub and Dark Chocolate BBQ Sauce Chocolate Chipotle BBQ Rub 4 TBSP 100% Cocoa Powder 6 TBSP Dark Brown Sugar 4 TBSP Kosher Salt 3 TBSP Smoked Paprika 3 TBSP Course Ground Black Pepper 2 TBSP Finely Ground Chipotle (Dried and Smoked Jalapeño) Pepper 2 TBSP...
  3. flyinglentris

    Recipe Peach Achiote Paste

    Peach Achiote Paste: NOTE: Achiote paste is a preparation which may be used as a run on meats. NOTE: Normally, an achiote paste uses bitter orange juice, but this one uses peach, sun dried tomato and balsamic vinegar. Ingredients: 1) Garlic, crushed - 3 to 4 tspns. 2) Annato - 1/8 cup...
  4. Achiote Paste Rubbed Chicken

    Achiote Paste Rubbed Chicken

    Achiote Paste Rubbed Chicken
  5. Peach Achiote Paste

    Peach Achiote Paste

    Peach Achiote Paste
  6. Herbie

    Rub/marinades for chicken

    What do you use for a marinade or rub for ckicken before roasting it? I've recently got an oven after a year without so have been roasting chicken for husband. These are two favourites: 'Curry': 1 tsp each of minced ginger and garlic, 1 tsp each of garlic salt, chilli, black pepper and...
  7. Saranak

    Recipe Spiced rub for make roast beef.

    Ciao a tutti, Ray love his roast beef dinner. I happy make for him but I add my twist on English tradition with dry rub. I tend find plain roast beef is bland. I no use all of recipe on one beef roast, I make this an put inside glass jar with tight lid. You need - 1 1/2 Tablespoon onion...
  8. C

    Recipe Citrus Herbal Tea Rub

    This might be old news to some of you, but I have never heard of using tea in a rub. The recipe says "does wonders for lighter protein like chicken and fish. Slow-cooking in liquid allows the tea to "steep", which brings out its subtle flavor". Sounds intriguing to me. Citrus Herbal Tea Rub...
  9. C

    Recipe Rendezvous-Style Rub for Ribs

    I think we are finally having ribs tonight. We won't be having the Memphis ribs I posted earlier. DH offered to go to the store for a few things we needed for the recipe, but I said, let's find another recipe that we have everything for. Found this one. It makes 2 cups, enough for about 12 lbs...
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